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This week we have loved:

#TriedTested featured blogger

Zebra ceramics hand and footprints review from The Mama Story – what a gorgeous way to preserve memories, and the whole experience looks wonderful and family centred.

#TriedTested featured blogger

Baroo cot cover and bump pods review from The Dadventurer – we are big fans of the funky Baroo prints, and love the idea of bump pods instead of a cot bumper.

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Maternity photos

maternity photos

Despite this being my 4th pregnancy I have never had any pregnancy shots taken. I have done the typical ‘bump in front of a mirror’ selfies a few times, but never anything professional. I knew that this time I wanted some photos taken, to look back on and remember the life growing inside me. This is our last baby, and I won’t get the chance again. I think you forget how big you were and what you looked like with a bump as soon as the baby comes.

maternity photos

I have been an admirer of Jade Nott Photography for a while now, and have swooned over her gorgeous newborn shoots, stunning wedding photos and lifestyle family shoots. So when I was offered the chance to be a ‘maternity guinea pig’ I jumped at the chance.

The photos were taken at a local National Trust woodland area in the early evening, and I couldn’t think of a nicer place to be honest – quiet, peaceful and with a lovely soft light. Jade is lovely, and put me at ease straight away – I always feel a bit self conscious about having my picture taken! I needn’t have worried – Jade was really unobtrusive and so natural. Her ideas for photos were family friendly, easy to achieve with a big bump and not too ‘posed’ – I knew I wanted it to look soft and natural rather than set up.

maternity photos maternity photos

I wore clothes I felt comfortable in, and let the children dress themselves in whatever they wanted to – I knew they wouldn’t be comfortable otherwise. Although a lot of the shots were set to look a certain way, I didn’t feel like I was on show, and I am so pleased with the results – especially the family photo. We so very rarely get a picture of all us together, and it’s wonderful to have one where all of us look happy and relaxed.

maternity photos

Overall? It’s definitely something I am glad I did. Maternity photo shoots are often studio based, and although they look stunning, they aren’t really my personal style. I loved the chance to be outside with my family and a photographer who made me feel so at ease and managed to capture the essence of my pregnancy. 

Once the photos were done, we carried on enjoying the National Trust area – the kids kicked a football around, rolled down hills and ran. It was a perfect evening.

Bump watch: 32 weeks

bump watch, 32 weeks, pregnancy

32 weeks! It feels like a bit of a milestone. I don’t know why, but the final countdown is definitely underway now.

After last weeks scare, I have had a relatively straightforward week. There have been the usual niggles, which are getting tougher now. Back ache is a real, well, pain and nothing I do really eases it. It’s hardly surprising when you consider that I am carrying a 3 and a half pound plus baby as well as all the extra fluid. Warm baths and Deep Freeze patches are helping a bit, but only for a short while. I think this is something I will just have to put up with until baby arrives.

Getting some sleep is another thing which is a bit of a pain right now. The baby is very active in the evenings until about 11/11.30pm so my plans for an early night aren’t working! It then takes a long time to actually find a comfortable position, by which time I inevitably need a wee lol. This continues all night. I definitely think this is my body’s way of preparing me for what is to come. 

I think my bump has dropped a bit lower this week. Baby is head down now, and seems happy enough for now. I have a repeat fluid scan and monitoring on Wednesday, as well as an appointment with my consultant to discuss the next steps. It is likely I will be given steroids to mature the baby’s lungs faster in case I do go into early labour as suspected. 

What will be will be I suppose, but I would dearly love to get to 39 weeks. Every day this baby stays inside is another day closer to our goal, and another day for him/her to grow stronger. My biggest wish is just for a baby that doesn’t have to be taken to SCBU. Please cross your fingers for us!

Choosing jewellery

I love jewellery, but choosing things that suit me and my lifestyle is sometimes difficult. Not only do I want it to look good, but I want it to be something I can wear every day. I love things that do not trouble me in matching with my outfits or adjusting to suit the activity I am doing, especially the rings I wear.
Apart from my wedding and engagement rings, I have never really worn anything on my fingers. Maybe because I worked in an environment where wearing rings was not comfortable, but now that I work from home I would love to wear some pretty rings. I recently came across these sapphire rings from Angara and fell in love. I love sapphire as its unique and something you do not see on everyone’s fingers. Further, I personally believe that the bright blue goes with pretty much anything.

sapphire ring sapphire ring









I don’t have very big hands, so I tend to avoid massive solitaire stunners as I find they just look silly on my fingers, though I love them very much! My engagement ring is similar to the picture on the right – a row of diamonds on a thin band, and this is a style that really attracts me. I also love the picture on the left as it is a similar style, but with a more one-of-a-kind appearance due to those square-shaped stones. I have always been fascinated towards silver/white gold more than yellow gold. It’s more about your personal choice I guess. This is the reason I like Angara as it lets you personalise your jewelry choice. You are free to choose the metal type you like and also the size of the stones, and get exactly what you are looking for.
I can’t justify the cost at the moment, with a new baby on the way, but this is exactly the sort of thing that is on my birthday and Christmas wish list this year.
Do you wear a lot of jewellery? Is there a certain style of metal or stone colour that you always choose? Share your jewellery thoughts and styles with me.

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Project 365 2015, week 18

Another week gone! This week has been a mixed one, with an unexpected admission to hospital, but with plenty of fun too. Welcome to my project 365, week 18!


31 weeks






Day 116 – Gemma was the Brownies flag bearer for the St George’s Day parade today. She was SO proud.

Day 117 – I am 31 weeks pregnant. You can read what happened at my routine midwife check, and why I ended up is hospital here.

Day 118 – Max loves to copy what we are doing – today he was helping Daddy to sweep the drive.

Day 119 – A bit of colouring before bed!

Day 120 – Wathcing the fire with Daddy. Max was fascinated by the flickering flames.

Day 121 – You know it’s Friday when you get a lolly as big as your head!

Day 122 – Horrible weather, so Jacob went and spent some of his birthday money on a new Hot Wheels track. All 3 children are enjoying it!

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Tips for staying healthy before, during and after your holiday

holidayImage credit.

It can be easy to forget about staying healthy while abroad, but it is vitally important to be aware of the risks to your health before, during and after your holiday. I have compiled a list of ten health tips for you to consider before travelling.

1. Apply for an EHIC card.

 If you are travelling to Europe, the EHIC card allows you to receive medical care free of charge while you are on holiday. You can apply for one easily from the NHS website.

2.  Research vaccinations.

Depending on your destination, you may need vaccinations before you travel. Speak to your GP if you are unsure about any vaccinations or medication you need to take prior to going away.

3. Take out travel and health insurance.

Your credit card or an independent insurer can offer you travel health insurance, and package holiday providers are often able to offer deals when you book through them. These can be beneficial as unexpected accidents or losses can ruin your trip.

4. Stock up on medication.

If you’re already taking medication, it is important to make sure you have enough for the duration of your stay. You should also pack a small first aid kit and general medication you may need.

5. Prevent deep vein thrombosis.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can affect those who are flying for long periods of time. There are various ways to reduce the risk of developing DVT, including easy exercises you can do during your flight.

6. Exercise.

Exercise is always important for staying healthy. Water sports and swimming, volleyball on the beach and walks through your resort are all ways you can enjoy exercising on holiday. Many hotels also have gym facilities you can use.

7. Eat well.

Eating well is important at all times but many people disregard this while on holiday. Remember that treating yourself is an enjoyable part of your trip but you don’t have to reach for the dessert menu with every meal.

8. Be aware of your alcohol intake.

Most people drink alcohol while on holiday but you should be aware that many countries do not have strict regulations on measures. Be aware of the amount of alcohol in your drinks and how much you are consuming as binge drinking can have a detrimental effect on your health.

9. Stay hydrated.

This is vitally important during your flight and if you are travelling to a hot country. Symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, feeling tired, a dry mouth and headaches. Make sure you are drinking enough fluids or dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion.

10. Use sunscreen.

If you are travelling to a hot country, you need to use sunscreen every day to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays. An SPF of 15 or higher is recommended for full protection and remember to reapply every few hours.

Following these tips will help you stay healthy while on holiday as well as before and after you travel. Preparation is key and being aware of what your body needs is vital for your health and well-being at all times.

Kayleigh Crispin is a travel writer who specialises in creative website content, compelling articles and magical stories. She writes from whichever country she finds herself in but can always be contacted via email or LinkedIn. This is a collaborative post.