I can’t believe it’s half term already and Halloween is looming. We have lots of adventures planned this holiday so fingers crossed the weather is kind! Welcome to another week of #TriedTested! Of course we wouldn’t be able to say that without you lovely lot returning each and every week… View Post

Recent survey results have shown that over a third of Brits feel they have lost their creativity since becoming an adult. To drive creativity back into the nation, Great Western Railway (GWR) has launched an Inspired Lines campaign, encouraging you to pen a poem inspired by the incredible views you have… View Post

This October Boots UK is launching Jump for Pudsey to encourage people to get active, have some fun and help raise money for BBC Children in Need. Whether it’s leaps, launches, bounds or hops; the goal is for the UK to spring its way to one million jumps, turning jumps… View Post

Max is a HUGE Blaze fan – he could watch it all day. So when a Blaze parcel arrived last week, I thought he might just burst with excitement! The Fisher Price Blaze Monster Dome play set is the newest Blaze item to hit the shelves, and it’s set to… View Post

Christmas is around the corner and before we know it, we are out looking for toys to buy. Whether it is for our children, our friend’s children, relatives, siblings, cousins, etc. we want to give something that they can appreciate. You may be hearing wish lists already, and you may… View Post

2016 is a landmark year for Calpol – the brand is celebrating its 50th anniversary. When your child is ill, all we as parents want is for them to be themselves again. Usually, we know how well our child is by the way they behave and there comes a time after an illness… View Post

Last month, we were lucky enough to receive our first Playmobil Playologist delivery, the Fire Chief’s Car. This month, we received a very exciting delivery indeed – the new PLAYMOBIL Pirates range landed on our doorstep, and after seeing this advertised on the TV a lot lately, all the children… View Post

International Cook With Your Kids Day on the 15th of October celebrates the benefits – and fun – of cooking together as a family, as well as promoting the act of cooking as a family, building awareness of the importance of healthy eating and teaching kids cooking fundamentals. Uncle Ben’s have put together… View Post

We spend a lot of time outdoors with the children – walking the dog, visiting the beach and playing in the garden. As the weather gets less summery, and we head into the damper and cooler autumn months, good boots are an essential.  Wellies are great for this time of… View Post

This Halloween, don’t let yourself be scared half to death by an avoidable injury to your little ones. By Carl Waring Children everywhere are looking forward to the next big excitement after the summer holidays: the thrilling time that is Halloween. Up and down the land, creatures of all sorts… View Post