Sometimes I really struggle to choose gifts for people. Most people seem to have everything they need already, and it can be so hard to find unique present ideas, especially for people like parents and grandparents.  I was recently introduced to Tree2MyDoor, who offer ‘living gifts for lasting memories’. You… View Post

Florida is one of the world’s most popular family holiday destinations, combining the thrill of theme park adventure with hot weather and glitzy American culture. Because it is such a long journey, UK families will want to take a couple of weeks at least to fully appreciate the Florida lifestyle,… View Post

It feels like summer is finally here – and summer means lots of outdoor time, picnics and BBQ’s! At the weekend, we invited some family friends of ours over for a day in the sunshine, filled with garden games, food and fun. Eliza spent the day wandering around barefoot on the… View Post

There is no doubt that teaching children about money is a vital step in preparing children for adult life. According to Shepherds Friendly, 94% of parents say that saving money is important to them, however only 25% regularly discuss the importance of money management and savings with their children. This… View Post

So many couples dream about starting a family one day. They spend late night conversations over a glass of wine dreaming about what their children might look like, who they’ll take after and what they’ll grow up to be. Maybe they’ll worry about moving to a bigger house, or the… View Post

You may have tried your best to make sure that you create a balance between work and being a mum. I am a mum and a photographer, blogger, and bookworm, which makes it difficult to manage my professional life and be a good mum. My ultimate challenge has been to… View Post

My kids love to be outside. Gemma likes to sit in the garden and read a book, or kick a football with Jacob. Max just likes the space to run, and Eliza is obsessed with the water table. Sometimes though, they just want something new to do, and that’s where… View Post

We have so much stuff in this house. Living with 4 small children means lots of toys, games, puzzles, teddies and household bits such as bedding and swim kits. Finding good, spacious storage can be really tough, and now we are in our lovely new home, I want it to look… View Post

As you probably know by now, we are huge Tots Bots fans. We have used their nappies for many years now, with our current favourites being PeeNuts for night time and Easyfit Stars during the day. So when a little bird told me that there was a new Tots Bots… View Post