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Welcome to Tried & Tested Tuesday!  It’s so lovely to see both familiar faces and new ones linking up each week.  We do our best to get round and read all your lovely review posts each week, and we really enjoy seeing the range of products you have been trying out. Has everyone been enjoying the scorching sun this week?

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Each week, as you know, we like to feature two of our favourite reviews from the previous week. This week we have loved: 

Not My Year Off
Things you should know about a Furby Boom from Not my Year Off – this review of the popular childrens toy had us both giggling away, we really enjoyed reading it.
Tried & Tested featured blogger
Lulu & Nat bedding review from The Hart of the Munchkin Patch – a company we hadn’t heard of before, but this review made us want to head off and check them out – and that’s what Tried & Tested is all about!
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Amber pendant giveaway

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Toddler tea time triumphs

Over the last few weeks, Max has suddenly changed. I feel like I no longer have a baby, but a toddler who knows his own mind, is using some words, almost walking – and now feeding himself and drinking from an open cup.

He has been trying to feed himself for a while now – most mealtimes I will give him a fork and spoon along with his dinner, and although most of it still gets eaten with his hands, he has been holding the cutlery and dipping into his food now and then. This weekend however, he actually scooped up cake and custard on his spoon and transferred it to his mouth – not just once but several times. He looked so proud of himself, and I looked at my baby and marvelled at just how much he has grown up lately.

Independent feeding

As for drinks, Max has always had water from the traditional style 2 handled cup with a lid, although he does like to try and grab your cup while you are having a drink, and will drink from an open cup with help, if you control the flow for him. Seems like that might be about to change though, as during dinner last night, he drank from an open cup all by himself. I am so surprised that the drink didn’t go all over him – he sipped slowly and steadily and really didn’t spill any at all. A real toddler tea time triumph!

Learning to drink from an open cup

We didn’t intentionally give Max an open cup – he actually stole his brothers cup one dinner time. After watching Gemma and Jacob sipping their smoothies and saying ‘ahhhhh’ after each mouthful, Max wanted in on the fun!

Do you remember what age your little one was when they started to feed themselves independently?

Tomy booster seat review

When weaning, we have always started off with a traditional highchair, and then progressed to a booster seat as soon as the children were big enough. We have done the same with Max this time, and for the last couple of weeks he has been trying out the Tomy Cars booster seat. This portable booster is perfect for family meals at the table, but can also be folded, making it easy to transport with you for use at the grandparents or a restaurant.

Tomy booster seat review

Attaching the booster to a normal dining chair was really simple. Just thread the straps through the slots on the sides and base, then fasten them around the back and seat of the chair – just by clicking the clips into place. Once in place, pull the adjustable straps as tight as you can to secure the booster in place. Pop your child in, and keep them safe with the 3 point safety harness. The seat base is small enough that you are still able to pull the chair right up to the dining table – meaning little ones can be a real part of mealtimes. 

Tomy booster seat review

As you can see, Max has LOVED being in the booster seat. I think he feels much less restricted than he did in a highchair, and is much more a part of the family meals. It is super easy to get him in and out, and he really loves the freedom to move about a bit more in the seat – a 5 point harness is quite restricting at meal times. 

The Tomy booster seat also comes with a detachable tray – this isn’t something we have used as I much prefer Max to be sat up at the table, and the tray would prevent that. However, it is a really useful feature to have, especially if you intend to use the seat anywhere other than at home. It slides on and off with ease, and can even be chucked into the dishwasher if you have a particularly messy dinner. It would also be really handy to use for craft type activities such as paint and playdoh, and would keep these away from your table!

Overall, we are super impressed with this booster seat, and it certainly gets a thumbs up from Max and I!


Handmade by Kirsty birth date plaque review

I love a good personalised item. Having 3 children, I like things that preserve those special memories and events, and yet still complement our household style. 

I was recently sent a wooden birth date plaque for Max from Handmade by Kirsty. There are heaps of different options, ranging from birth and christening plaques to items personalised for your home or a special event such as a wedding.

Handmade by Kirsty review

Handmade by Kirsty review

Items come beautifully wrapped, so would make a great gift, and as soon as I opened mine I was struck by the quality – this is no cheap, cheerful and flimsy plaque, this feels made to last and looks far better than I ever expected. I love the rope effect hanging, giving it that rustic feel. The little buttons at the corner add in a little vintage touch, and the carefully painted wording is crisp, clear and neat. 

This is such a lovely keepsake to remember Max entering the world and joining our family. If you are looking for an unusual and unique gift, then look no further than Handmade by Kirsty. I intend to buy a few more items for the house – starting with the gorgeous Together with Love plaque!


Project 365, days 194 – 200

This week has been full of sports days, super hot sunshine and attempting to clear the playroom. That didn’t go quite as planned as Max was helping! 

I can’t believe we are on day 200 of Project 365 – I never ever thought I would make it this far!

Project 365, days 194 - 200

Day 194 – A relaxed day at home. Max has progressed from a highchair to a booster seat and has loved being sat up at the table with his big brother.

Day 195 – Eating veg sticks and dip can be messy.

Day 196 – Trying on new school uniform – she is looking so grown up!

Project 365, days 194 - 200

Day 197 – Gemma’s sports day. It was really hot and all the kids did really well. Gemma came 3rd in the 100m sprint and 4th in the 400m.

Project 365, days 194 - 200

Day 198 – Jacob’s sports day, and another scorching one. Again, all the children did really well. Jacob won all his races – 100m sprint, 100m hurdles and the obstacle race.

Project 365, days 194 - 200

Day 199 – Max has discovered that he really, REALLY likes ice cream with a flake.

Day 200 – There was a medieval fair in the town centre this morning, and Gemma got a lovely hair braid put in.

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