The new Tengi App #TengiBloggers

With social media being the busy place it is now, chatting with friends can sometimes get lost in the midst of everything else. I know I often miss announcements and photos from my friends on Facebook and Twitter because everything is so fast paced. I also think that sometimes, these platforms are not quite what I am after – I want a quiet chat with… Continue Reading “The new Tengi App #TengiBloggers”


Tried & Tested Tuesday #18

Another week has flown by hasn’t it?! We hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend and managed to see a bit of spring sunshine. Welcome to another week of #TriedTested! Of course we wouldn’t be able to say that without you lovely lot returning each and every week to link up your favourite reviews and taking time to read and comment on others.  We have always… Continue Reading “Tried & Tested Tuesday #18”


Review: BABY Born Train Andy

When you say BABY Born you immediately think of dolls – but the company actually have many other toys on offer too. Max was recently sent a BABY Born Train Andy puppy – the perfect first pet! Train Andy comes with a remote control, a bone and a collar with pendant. There are demo batteries included, but we found that we needed to change them to access… Continue Reading “Review: BABY Born Train Andy”

Ratchet and Clank

Giveaway: Win a kids DVD bundle

Ahead of the release of animated family adventure RATCHET & CLANK, in cinemas April 29, featuring the voices of John Goodman, Paul Giamatti and Bella Thorne, we’re giving you the chance to catch-up on some of the funniest kids’ hits with this incredible DVD bundle. Based on the best-selling video game RATCHET & CLANK tells the story of two unlikely heroes as they struggle to… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Win a kids DVD bundle”

caesarean recovery tips

Top tips for recovery after caesarean section

Having had 4 caesarean sections myself, I have come to learn how I recover best. You have to remember that a caesarean is major abdominal surgery, and your body does need time and care to heal and repair.  One of the biggest things that helped me with recovery was arnica. I took arnica tablets as soon after the deliveries as I could, although you can take… Continue Reading “Top tips for recovery after caesarean section”

new parent

New mum stress and how to cope

It doesn’t matter how organised and capable you are, when your new baby comes along life changes in the blink of an eye. The sense of responsibility is often overwhelming. You are no longer in charge of your life: a small person wields all the power and their needs take precedence. It’s not surprising that many new parents get completely stressed out. Talk About It… Continue Reading “New mum stress and how to cope”

C section 36 weeks

A tale of 4 caesareans – the last section

This month is Caesarean Awareness Month, and I have decided to share my 4 very different caesarean experiences. You can read my first birth story (the crash section) here, and how my second baby was born by premature section at 34 weeks here. My third birth story tells of my early section at 36 weeks, and you can read that one here. After Max’s birth,… Continue Reading “A tale of 4 caesareans – the last section”

martial arts

Are there extra activities for homeschooled students?

A big part of school is the vast array of extracurricular activities. Some students are involved in music or arts. Others participate in school sports teams. These groups are important to socialisation and allow students to take part in things they enjoy. Many parents, as well as students, believe that homeschooled students don’t have access to these kinds of activities. This is far from the… Continue Reading “Are there extra activities for homeschooled students?”

iPhone games

Top 6 fun games to install on iPhones

Most parents spend a huge amount of time running around after their kids: doing the school run, taking them to play dates, ferrying them to after-school activities, etc. All of these things take up valuable time, but inevitably you end up stuck at places where you don’t have a lot to do. Luckily smartphones make it simple to stay entertained while the kids are practicing… Continue Reading “Top 6 fun games to install on iPhones”


Weaning: introducing lumps, and a broccoli & egg muffin recipe

If you have been following my blog over the last few months, you will know we are part of the HiPP Organic Wean Team. Over the last few weeks, I have shared our weaning journey, from first tastes to the ways we have incorporated milk into Eliza’s diet. Today I am sharing our experiences of introducing lumps. Right from the beginning, we have offered a… Continue Reading “Weaning: introducing lumps, and a broccoli & egg muffin recipe”


Giveaway: Win a 10ft Zoomee trampoline

I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t love a trampoline. Not only are they fantastic fun and perfect for social play, they are also provide a great source of exercise.  The 10ft Zoomee trampoline from Wicken Toys is TP’s entry level trampoline, with an integral safety enclosure that attaches to the trampoline bed, preventing your child from coming into contact with the springs. Easy to… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Win a 10ft Zoomee trampoline”