Project 365, days 320 – 326

Another weekend has rolled around, and that means it’s time for another Project 365 round up. This week has been a fairly quiet, everyday one but we have still captured some nice memories.



365 nov 22



Day 320 – We haven been busy building our new wooden playhouse today. It’s fantastic, and we love it. Review coming shortly.

Day 321 – Trying out the new Ella’s Kitchen snacks – think he approved!

Day 322 – I went to a Hotter event tonight at a local store. It was a great evening, and I came away with a fantastic new pair of winter boots.

Day 323 – Jacob loves football, but he hasn’t been to the after school football club for a while, for one reason or another. It was really nice to see him back playing tonight, and he scored 10 goals!

Day 324 – My kids were a bit loopy tonight, and spent ages giving each other ‘horse rides’ around the living room.

Day 325 – Max has just discovered how to mark make on paper, and has been enjoying the chunky, stackable crayons.

Day 326 – This one is a cheeky monkey this morning! 

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Ella’s Kitchen snacks review

When we first started weaning Max we used the Ella’s Kitchen pouches – he loved the fruity, tasty and smooth texture and we loved the fact that they were full of goodness and easy to use on the go.

I recently heard about the new toddler snack range from Ella’s Kitchen, and we were keen to let Max have a try to see if the toddler range would be as popular as the baby options. 

Ella's Kitchen toddler snacks

I love the variety in this range – everything from savoury cheddar and leek multigrain wheels to raspberry and banana multigrain nibbles. There are heaps of flavours, heaps of textures and a great combination of fruits, vegetables and grains. The nibbles that come in the big pots make a great snack, but also work really well as a breakfast cereal with some marm milk – especially the apple and cinnamon ones, very warming at this time of year, and have been gobbled up by Max and the older children.

One of Max’s favourites is the cheddar and leek wheels – they look and feel like a crisp, but are packed full of healthy multigrains, and melt in the mouth. These wheels and the multigrain sticks and cracker bites make a great accompaniment to sandwiches and wraps for a quick and easy lunch.

Ella's Kitchen toddler snacks

Sometimes, you just want to give your little ones a sweet treat too, don’t you? There are special occasions, such as Halloween, when the older children have buckets of sweets stuff and a lot of it isn’t suitable for Max. So I was really pleased to see some cookies in the toddler snack range – Oat and Spelt or Raisin and Spelt. I like the fact that even though they are a sweet treat, they are still packed with goodness.

Ella's Kitchen toddler snacks


Max loved the cookies too – they have a lovely crumbly texture and are the perfect size for small hands. The resealable bags make these ideal for popping into the changing bag when you’re out and about too, so you always have a healthy snack to hand.

All the Ella’s Kitchen snacks and weaning products can be found on their website, and if you have a small person, I would highly recommend checking this range out. It will certainly be featuring highly on our shopping lists in future!

Introducing my Britmums Live 2015 sponsor…

Last year I was lucky enough to attend Britmums Live thanks to Bundlebean. It was my first time attending the event, and it was overwhelming, exciting, educational and most of all – fun! I love it all, the fast pace, the interesting sessions that taught me so much about the blogging world, meeting bloggers I have idolised from afar for so long, and listening to the motivational and emotional speeches that touched so may hearts.

I can’t wait to do it all again in 2015.

This year, I will be attending the event with the backing of a very special company. I have worked with them before, I have had the pleasure of trying out their products, and I have learnt a lot about the company values. Founded in 1966 in Barcelona, this company designs, manufacture and market car seats, pushchairs and accessories, and are committed to safety and functional design. They are a company I am proud to represent, and proud to shout about. 

So without further ado….

Britmums sponsor

I am so excited to be attending Britmums Live 2015 with the support of Casualplay, and I can’t wait to see you there!

* You can read my Casualplay Livi review here if you want to find out more about this fantastic company and their products. *

How to keep your children safe while on the road

Today I have a post from Ross, a car tyre safety expert. He has some great tips for travelling safely on the roads, and keeping your little ones well protected while in the car.

Car safety with children

Hello everyone! I’m Ross, a car tyre safety expert. I love cars and all things related to them; car parts, car tyres, car races and the most importantly car safety! I decided to write this article to shed light on the importance of little things that can be cared for to avoid big accidents or trauma among children.

Most parents teach their children the dangers of the road. For example, there are few kids who walk to school who don’t know to stop, look and listen for oncoming traffic before crossing the road. But do as many of us consider all of the dangers that children face when they are out and about in the back of our cars? Being in a car may feel perfectly safe – and some models do offer top-notch safety features these days – but there is always the thought of what would happen in the event of a collision. Unpleasant as it may be, thinking about a potential car crash can help to focus the mind on the best measures for keeping little ones safe when you are out motoring.

Get Strapped In
According to government statistics, 206 children up to the age of twelve were killed or seriously injured as car passengers on British roads in 2010. Many of these injuries would have been less severe if the appropriate child restraints had been in use. Most child seats are fitted with the use of a common seat belt which holds them in place, but some systems have anchor bolts as well. Child seats should be appropriate to the age, weight and height of the child. If your child is big for his or her age, then remember to use one that is suitable for their size and not to wait for another birthday to pass. In some cases, it is legal for children to travel without a restraint, such as in a licensed taxi or in the event of an emergency.

Check Your Tyres
Along with the brakes, tyres are one of the most important safety features of any car. Worn tyres contribute to a tenth of all accidents in wet road conditions, so it is imperative to the safety of your children not to drive them around in a car with reduced traction from worn down tread. Being able to stop effectively will mean you can avoid nasty incidents on the road. The convenience for replacing tyres or getting them inspected is to the extent that you can find tyres online and book appointments without any upfront payment, the service is being provided by Point S for tyres in Devon and 1000+ locations in UK.  Furthermore, properly functioning tyres help your ability to maneuver well, for instance swerving to avoid road debris.

Safety Shades
This item helps to protect children from unwanted exposure to the sun. However, they also help to protect kids from flying shards of glass in the event of a side impact. Many types of sun shade come on a roller which can be pulled down and are attached to the window with suckers.

Thanks Ross for this informative article. Do any of you have some car safety points that you would like to share?

This is a guest post.

Giveaway: Win a Custom Canvas International Mens Day portrait

Did you know that today is International Mens Day? The objectives of International Mens Day include a focus on male health, improving gender relations and equality and highlighting positive male role models. 

My children are lucky enough to have some amazing male role models in their lives. Their dad is fantastic, and just the sort of person I want my children to grow up to be – hard working, loyal, loving and supportive. They also have great grandfathers, again hard working, caring and trustworthy men. 

To celebrate International Mens Day, I have teamed up with Custom Canvas to offer you the chance to win a very special and unique prize, celebrating some well known male role models. This canvas will not only look fantastic in any home, but will serve as a positive reminder of all that our men do to support us, to protect us and to create a loving family environment – whether that is your husband, your dad, your grandfather or a family friend, we all have a special man in our lives.

Custom Canvas International Mens Day

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning this rather special prize, then all you need to do is enter via the rafflecopter form below – good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions – competition open to UK residents. Competition closes on 26/11 and winner will be randomly selected and contacted by email. Winner must claim their prize within 10 days, and prize will be dispatched from Custom Canvas 7-10 working days after prize winners details are received.  Win competitions at 

My top 10 store cupboard ingredients

Essential store cupboard ingredients Photo Credit: Auntie P via Compfight cc

Are there certain things that are always in your store cupboards, things you use day in, day out and always replace before you run out? A survey is asking what your top 10 sore cupboard ingredients are in order to find the #UltimateStoreCupboard , and if you enter the survey you could win the nation’s top 10 ultimate store cupboard products when the results are in later this month!

So what are my top 10 must have ingredients? I went and took a look in my kitchen cupboards, and made a little list of the things I really couldn’t live without – do you agree with any of these?

1. Olive oil. I couldn’t live without olive oil, I use it for so many different things, from roasting potatoes and veg to making salad dressings and coatings for meat. It’s very versatile, and pretty good for you too. 

2. Baking powder. We make a lot of cakes and biscuits with the children, and so baking powder is definitely an essential for us. It makes muffins rise beautifully!

3. Pasta. Something we eat a lot of is pasta, in some form – I would say we eat it at least 2-3 times a week. I always make sure we have spaghetti, fusilli and lasagne sheets in the cupboard so we can knock up some pasta dishes for the kids after school!

4. Eggs. Again, useful for so many different things, from baking cakes and biscuits to making quick and easy meals – we all love scrambled eggs, omelettes and frittatas (which are also a great meal for using up leftover veg and meat from a roast dinner).

5. Honey. Honey on toast is just yummy, whether it’s for breakfast or a late night snack. I also use honey for making sauces and dressings, as well as coating parsnips and carrots before roasting. Delicious.

6. Marmite. You either love it or hate it, and I love it. I am a Marmite fiend, and have it on my toast most mornings. I know a lot of people won’t agree with this one, but I love it and this is my list, so there.

7. Chilli powder. We love a bit of spice, and so curry powder is an essential for us. It gets used in all sorts – from making a traditional curry to spicing up a bolognese or roast potatoes.

8. Tuna. A great ‘filler’ ingredient if you forget to defrost some meat – you can chuck it into pasta bakes, fritattas, savoury muffins or spicy wraps. Great for kids lunchboxes too!

9. Stock cubes. I like to crumble these into meaty meals such as bolognese, chilli, lasagne or casseroles, and they make a great base for any slow cooker recipes.

10. Mustard. English or French, I don’t mind – either will make a great addition to dressings, spice up your mashed potato and compliment heaps of meals. There is almost always a pot of mustard on our dinner table.

So, tell me – what are your fail safe store cupboard ingredients? Would you choose any of my top 10, or do you have some other products that you think deserve to make the list? I would love to hear from you!

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