Project 365 days 5-11

Week 2 of Project 365 and I am really enjoying taking a photo of our lives every day.

  • Day 5 – Brotherly love. Jacob adores his little brother, and is always asking to hold him. This is a bit more tricky now that Max is so wriggly, but they managed a quick cuddle this morning. One of my favourite photos so far this year – especially as you can see Max’s 2 little bottom teeth peeking through!
  • Day 6 – Nosey baby. A stop for lunch at a nearby pub during a day out, and the first time Max has been big enough to sit up in one of those wooden highchairs they provide. He thought it was fantastic being able to see everything that was going on. He was especially interested when the people behind us got their food before us – he was eyeing up their chips!
  • Day 7 – Princess cupcakes. Preparation for Gemma’s 8th birthday has begun, and we have been practicing making, at her request, ‘Pink Princess cupcakes’ for her birthday tea party. They were a success – pink, sparkly and yummy!
  • Day 8 – A fresh start. A HUGE one for us this week, and another tick on the winter bucket list - our house has gone on the market. After many months of discussion, we have decided to go for it, and make a big move – more to come on that soon!
  • Day 9 – Bathtime. Max LOVES the bath, and he especially loves his rubber ducks. You get very wet when you are bathing Max as he likes to splash and kick!
  • Day 10 – Cold mornings. The temperature has dropped RIGHT down this week, and the morning school run has been a chilly and frosty affair. The winter hats and gloves have been dug out, and I think we are going to need them for quite a while!
  • Day 11 – Cardboard Challenge. Gemma and Jacob took part in the schools cardboard challenge this week. Gemma made a robot and Jacob made a Gingerbread house. It’s clear they both put a huge amount of effort in, and were very proud of the results. As they should be. Jacob tells me that this is the house where ‘The gingerbread man goes to hide away so no-one can eat him. I have put buttons on the fron, they are sweeties – so if anyone finds him they can eat the sweets instead of him’. Love it!

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33 thoughts on “Project 365 days 5-11

  1. oh i do love making things out of cardboard boxes hours of fun! i love both the kids creations!! I have to say that picture of the 2 boys is adorable its my fav of yours this week for sure!! x

  2. So many great pictures and moments. The cardboard challenge looks fab! I remember very well my wee man being a nosey baby when we were out and about…they are so curious about everything. Good luck with the house move.

  3. Good luck with the house sale and move. We’ve just moved into our first house of our own and I think there are some exciting times ahead for you. Loving the idea of the cardboard challenge too x

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