Project 365, days 173 – 179

This week has been the usual mix of school runs, clubs and getting back to normal after Britmums. 

The beginning of the week saw the sun shine a lot, and so we got outdoors in the garden every day.

Project 365

Day 173 – Max loves his new seesaw – it was a real bargain at just £4.99 and he will get heaps of use out of it!

Day 174 – I was sent a truly stunning bouquet of flowers from a company I have been working with – I love the colours.

Day 175 – More garden fun – Gemma seeing how high she could get on the swing!

Project 365

Day 176 – Max having a break from all the sun with a quick snack break in the kitchen. He is looking so grown up lately.

Day 177 – All 3 children playing nicely together while Mummy and Daddy ordered the new bathroom.

Day 178 – Jacob came home from school with a Pupil of the Week certificate for his super story writing. He wrote a story about a fish rescuing a little girl who got lost.

Day 179 – These 2 bundles of fluff have joined our family today – now we need names! Any ideas….?

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15 thoughts on “Project 365, days 173 – 179

  1. That seesaw is a great bargain, lovely bouquet too. Your kittens are adorable, don’t know whether you have boys or girls but we named Brewster after Monkey’s favourite train in Chuggington, so personally I’d go down that road with the kids #365

  2. Oh my word that seesaw looks ace! Max must be having a blast with that and what a great bargain too! Well done to Jacob for his storywriting. How exciting to get the kittens, they look beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a good week x

  3. Great that you got loads of garden time in this week. It’s been a bit of a mixed bag weatherwise over here! That’s an awesome seesaw!
    Aww hello to the kitties. We welcomed a kitten to our family two weeks ago, I love him so much! Are yours boys, girls, or one of each? x

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