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We love the beach. We are lucky enough to live on the Devon coast, and so we do spend a fair amount of time at the seaside, whatever the weather. Over the summer holidays we enjoyed a few trips to the beach – some days were bright sunshine, others a bit overcast. But no matter what the weather was, the children were able to enjoy the sand and the sea with Konfidence.

Konfidence beachwear

Konfidence beachwear

Konfidence beachwear

Konfidence beachwear

Gemma and Jacob have shortie wetsuits. Technically engineered to the same specs as adult wetsuits, they provide protection from wind and the cold sea, as well as 100% UV protection on the sunnier days. The wetsuits keep the kids shoulders and arms covered to help prevent burning and the neoprene fabric dries super fast, meaning that they can keep them on when they come out of the sea – they dry super fast and retain warmth so they don’t feel the cold.

Konfidence beachwear

Konfidence beachwear

Konfidence beachwear

Konfidence beachwear

Max wears the original Konfidence swim jacket. Made from the same neoprene fabric as the shortie wetsuits, this jacket stretches and flexes as Max moves. There are 8 internal float pockets for buoyancy, around the torso and below the water line when swimming. This helps Max to stay afloat while leaving his arms and legs free to move. As he gets more confident in the water we will gradually remove the buoyancy aids in pairs to help him gain swim skills. 

There are some lovely swim jacket designs, but each one has a high visibility yellow back, and this is ideal for beach days, as you can easily pick out your little one in the waves or on the sand.

Konfidence beachwear

Konfidence beachwear

Konfidence beachwear

Konfidence beachwear

We didn’t know if Eliza would like the sea this summer. Last year she was a very tiny newborn, and although she loves the swimming pool, a cold sea is an entirely different thing! She wore a Konfidence sun protection suit – perfect for this age as they are so wriggly and keen to be off exploring that you can’t keep them still long enough to get sun cream on properly! The sun protection suit has long sleeves and arms for protection from the rays and even comes with poppers for nappy changing (6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 month sizes only).

Eliza surprised us all by loving the sea – in fact we couldn’t keep her out of it! She paddled, she sat in the sea and tried to catch the waves and she splashed. It was lovely to watch her, and we will definitely be making more trips to the beach now we know she loves it as much as the older children. 

Konfidence beachwear

Konfidence beachwear

Konfidence beachwear

Konfidence beachwear

Konfidence beachwear

No trip to the beach is complete without some sandcastle building, and the boys spent a long time creating castles and digging a channel to the sea. The Konfidence wetsuits, jackets and bucket hats kept all the children well protected, warm and comfortable all day, and we will certainly be using them again for our next beach trip. 



  1. Keri Jones
    September 5, 2016 / 5:24 pm

    Ahh I really want to go on a beach holiday now. The Konfidence items your children are wearing look great. I’ve had my eye on a few of their pieces for a while now xx

  2. September 6, 2016 / 8:08 am

    Wonderful photos of a lovely day out and the beachwear looks just the ticket to keep them sun safe, swim safe and warm. #TriedTested

  3. September 6, 2016 / 8:09 am

    Seeing this makes me sad that the summer is over! We have the Konfidence swim jackets and they are brilliant. It gives them so much more confidence in the water. The wetsuits look great, I will have to look for them for next year x
    Laura – dear bear and beany recently posted…Review: The Massage Company…My Profile

  4. September 6, 2016 / 8:17 am

    These look fab, loving the little life jacket. Think I’ll need to invest in one for Harlow as she doesn’t like swim bands on her arms but she’d probably tolerate a jacket as it would be like another item of clothing to her. Diva that she is 🙂
    The Breastest News recently posted…Our First Night Away – Braemar GatheringMy Profile

  5. September 6, 2016 / 8:19 am

    Aw they look like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially little Eliza in the sea! Will definitely check out Konfidence for our little one next summer! #TriedTested
    Amy recently posted…Jord Wood Watch | Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  6. September 6, 2016 / 9:00 am

    I love all the photos, how amazing all your children enjoy the beach and going in the sea. The wetsuits look and sound fab, I love that they dry so quickly xx #TriedTested
    wendy recently posted…My Big Tree – children’s book reviewMy Profile

  7. September 6, 2016 / 9:17 am

    I love how the oder ones look just like adult wetsuits. This is a big help in getting children to wear them, as they look really cool!
    Lucy Dorrington recently posted…Life on the Other SideMy Profile

  8. September 6, 2016 / 9:44 am

    Looks like they are all having fantastic fun at the beach. I always like to opt for a wetsuit on beach days mainly as you don’t have to suncream as much! I particularly like the idea of the proper wetsuits Konfidence have as they look amazingly warm, my daughter always gets the shivers. x #TriedTested

  9. September 6, 2016 / 10:01 am

    It’s great that there is something for all the family 🙂 How lovely to live so close to the beach x

  10. September 6, 2016 / 11:20 am

    Those little wetsuits look great, my son is always in and out of the water and spends half the time shivering!! #triedtested

  11. September 6, 2016 / 11:31 am

    It looks really good and very comfortable too! I love your pics of your little ones! they look gorgeous! #TriedTested

  12. September 6, 2016 / 1:57 pm

    Fab range – I’ll have to remember them for next summer! Great pics of the kids too xx

  13. September 6, 2016 / 4:22 pm

    Sounds like you had some fantastic time at the beaches, love the swim suits especially loving the fact they keep them warmer then normal swimming costumes
    mummy3+1dog recently posted…Trolls Poppy Style Station ReviewMy Profile

  14. September 6, 2016 / 9:41 pm

    Such lovely photos, they are such a great idea especially when the sea is cold. And they are cool, Joe our youngest would love them, I am sure he would feel like a real surfer dude and also they would be great for the Flow Rider when we get round to booking our next cruise x

  15. September 6, 2016 / 9:49 pm

    What gorgeous photos! I’ve heard such good things about Konfidence clothes. Eliza looks utterly adorable in her sun protection suit – glad to hear she was more into the sea/beach this time.

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