A couple of months ago, I decided to make some lifestyle changes and try to be a bit healthier overall. I joined a Slimming World group, and have been cooking from scratch a lot more, using heaps more fruit and vegetables. I’ve tried to choose healthier snacking options too, opting… View Post

It can be difficult to see how one person or a family can make any sort of difference to the damage that’s been done to the environment, but there are small steps we can all do to help, that don’t involve switching to an electric car, going vegan or living… View Post

Phew hasn’t it got HOT?! I worked at the weekend and missed a lot of the sun, so I am enjoying it now while it lasts! In case you are new here – let us tell you what Tried & Tested is all about. We all know how useful reviews… View Post

We love films. We watch kids films with the children, and we watch ‘grown up’ films once they are in bed. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. I have the most amazing giveaway for all you film lovers – the chance to win… View Post

When school gets out for the summer, kids are ready for a break. One of the most anticipated times of the year; the summer holidays can be a cause of anxiety for some parents who don’t have the whole time off work. It can mean leaving them with a relative… View Post

Welcome to the latest instalment in my Birth Stories feature. Today we have the the story of Dara’s arrival into the world, shared by mum Neve from We The Parents . I am deeply grateful that each of my two children’s births were positive and deeply affirming. I’m going to… View Post

Does anyone else feel like time is just flying at the moment? It’s almost the middle of June, we are halfway through 2017! In case you are new here – let us tell you what Tried & Tested is all about. We all know how useful reviews can be. Most… View Post

Gemma, Jacob and Max all love magazines. They often choose one in the supermarket after we have been shopping, and spend a quiet afternoon reading and doing puzzles. I do find that some of the magazines they choose lack a bit of educational value, and I am not a massive… View Post

Wedding season is almost upon us, which means there are a lot of hen parties currently being planned. It can be really hard to think of unusual and unique ideas for the bride to be, especially if you’re in charge of planning. If you fancy a change from the usual… View Post

A few weeks ago we reviewed the Topps Match Attax Extra. Now not only are they a fantastic trading card game, they are also a fun game for 2 players. Just like a real Premier League match, the aim is to score more goals and beat your opponent. Below, you… View Post

Your bedroom should be a place that feels welcoming, serene and calm if you’re going to sleep well: the quality of your sleep (and the way you feel all day as a result) depends on it! So, if you’re ready to transform your bedroom but don’t want to break the… View Post