Having just spent a small fortune in Tesco doing our food shopping, I found myself wondering how much the average family spend on food per week?I think we eat fairly healthily and I know that a large portion of money gets spent on fresh fruit, veg and meat, but none… View Post

I have recently written a Guest Post for Nursery Value on the topic of ‘Family Friendly Meal Ideas’. I know it can sometimes be tough finding new and interesting recipes that the whole family can enjoy together, so I have put together a few of our personal favourite breakfast, lunch and evening… View Post

I was a very proud mummy yesterday afternoon as Gemma was chosen to represent her school in an inter-schools tag rugby tournament. There were not many girls playing so she had a tough job!She is very quick, and managed to outrun people several times, even scoring a try for her… View Post

I was lucky enough to try some Cussons Mum & Me ‘Relax and Unwind’ Bath Soak. I have to say it was wonderful! It contains Camomile and Jasmine, and so it smells gorgeous and the milk proteins left my skin feeling super soft. It’s a great way to pamper yourself… View Post

I saw the idea of Memory Monday on Mummy and the Chunks blog, and thought I would give it a try this week! This week’s memory is a lovely family day out yesterday to a local beauty spot, Tarr Steps. It’s a beautiful place, with countryside trails, grassy picnic areas, bridges to… View Post