It’s the first day of the half term holidays for us, and the kids are already looking for things to keep them busy.So, this morning we have dug out the bag of Aero goodies and recipes that were sent to us by the lovely people at Aero and after some deliberation we… View Post

Everyone loves Pancake day! Gemma and Jacob wanted pancakes for breakfast, but there’s just not time in the mad school run rush so I promised them pancakes tonight. They came home and chose their toppings, then helped with the pancake flipping! Gemma, age 7 was brilliant at the flipping, managing… View Post

I recieved another lovely parcel in the post today – a gorgeous Doublez reversible dribble bib. It has a lovely cow print design on one side and a funky green star design on the other, so should match a wide range of outfits! The bib feels super soft to touch,… View Post

I recieved some gorgeous fluffy post this morning from the lovely people at Green Pomelo Nappies. Green Pomelo is a small family business based in London. It was started by a passionate mum, Su, who uses cloth nappies on her son.The nappy I recieved in the post this morning is this… View Post