As many of you will know, we are a Tots Bots family. We have used a lot of the Tots Bots nappy range over the years, sticking with Easyfits for the day and Bamboozles for the night. More recently, we have added the PeeNut to our stash, and this has… View Post

This August Sudocrem has launched their “Pampered with the Peeps” Facebook game. There is a £3,000 luxury spa experience up for grabs in association with Champneys. All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is invite 5 of your best friends to the competition and match them… View Post

If you are a parent, or expecting a baby, the chances are you will have heard about the Perfect Prep machine. It is raved about at baby clubs, at antenatal classes and at the school gates. I have heard it called ‘the best baby product ever made’. So what’s all… View Post

When Eliza was born she was swaddled in the hospital. I watched the midwives do it in fascination – they managed to get this wriggly little person all bundled up within seconds, and she slept soundly. When we came home, I tried to replicate it, but I was nowhere near… View Post

A travel cot is an essential item if you ever plan on holidaying with your baby, or staying with friends and family. It’s worth getting your baby used to it before you need them to sleep in it overnight – some babies can be a little bit fussy about their… View Post

Anyone who has had a baby in hospital will have watched in wonder as the midwives deftly wrap your tiny newborn in layers of towels and blankets like a little cocoon so they sleep soundly in their cot. You will no doubt have tried to recreate this at home –… View Post

Having a newborn again has reminded me just how much ‘stuff’ they come with. In theory, all you need for a newborn are a pair of boobs and some nappies, but in practice there are lots of things that make life with a newborn and 3 other children much easier.… View Post

It was only a very short time ago that I was packing my hospital bag, and now I am home with my gorgeous 13 day old baby girl. Since then, the baby hospital bag has been unpacked, and repacked for its daily role as a changing bag, equipped to deal… View Post

I have used sleeping bags with all of my children, right from the very early days. I have always found them so much more convenient that blankets for a number of reasons – they can’t kick them off, they can’t pull them up over their faces and they just seem… View Post

Nothing in the world is as delicate or as precious as your baby’s skin.  A newborn’s skin is five times thinner than an adult’s skin and is much more sensitive too.  Yet, despite this, without knowing it, many of us expose our babies’ skin to chemicals every day, stripping baby’s… View Post