Over the last year, we have been working with HiPP Organic. During that time we have seen Eliza go from a tiny tot having her very first tastes of food to a walking, talking toddler with strong opinions about her meal times!  Now, she has graduated from the HiPP Wean… View Post

With 4 children attending various different schools, nurseries, clubs and events, meal times can be hectic to say the least. It is always handy to have something in the fridge that can be prepared quickly and easily and still provide a balanced dinner for Eliza.  The new range of Little… View Post

It feels like summer is finally here – and summer means lots of outdoor time, picnics and BBQ’s! At the weekend, we invited some family friends of ours over for a day in the sunshine, filled with garden games, food and fun. Eliza spent the day wandering around barefoot on the… View Post

When we first started weaning Eliza, it was just a case of a few tastes, experiencing some new textures and learning to move food around her mouth. Now she is 1, most of her nutrients come from food rather than milk, and we try hard to makes sure she east a… View Post

Breakfast can be a bit of a difficult meal, especially in a busy household. On a school morning, I have 4 children to get fed, washed and dressed and out of the house for a nursery run by 8am. So sometimes, breakfast is a bit of a rushed affair, and… View Post

We started weaning Eliza just at around 5 and a half months old. She was taking more and more milk, appearing to be much hungrier than she was before. She was sitting up, had good head control and was reaching out and trying to grab whatever you were eating. She… View Post

I have long been a fan of Annabel Karmel, and have used her recipes when weaning all of my children. I plan to do the same with Eliza.  The thing I love most about Annabel Karmel is the fact that all her recipes are so accessible to the whole family –… View Post

When we first started weaning Max we used the Ella’s Kitchen pouches – he loved the fruity, tasty and smooth texture and we loved the fact that they were full of goodness and easy to use on the go. I recently heard about the new toddler snack range from Ella’s Kitchen,… View Post

I am a huge fan of Plum Baby. They use the type of simple, honest organic ingredients that I would choose to cook at home, meaning that any Plum pouches I use are the sort of food I feel comfortable giving to Max.  We were sent some of the new Plum Baby organic… View Post

Weaning is a big stage in any little ones life. Making the change from a milk only diet, to integrating your tot into the family meals can be fun, rewarding and messy. Sometimes, it can also be REALLY confusing, with conflicting advice from all sides about when to start, what to… View Post