September is here and most of us have waved our little darlings off to school for the autumn term. Gone are the mornings of staying in your pyjamas, watching DVD’s under the duvet and having picnics on the carpet at lunchtime.  School run mornings can be a real rush –… View Post

  Jacob goes through school shoes like there is no tomorrow. They get such a battering – he wears them for playing football in the playground at lunchtime, and very few seem to stand up to the sliding, scuffing and kicking of a standard playground football match. Back in July,… View Post

I know, I know – it seems like the summer holidays have only just started, and that ‘Back to School’ is ages away. But the reality is, that for most of us, the autumn term will start in 4 short weeks, and it pays to be prepared! A couple of… View Post

I can’t believe we are in September and the kids are going back to school – Gemma into Year 5 and Jacob into Year 3. It’s been a busy week, trying to sort out all the boxes while we temporarily stay at my mums, and getting back into a school… View Post

Juggling family life can be a continuously difficult task for many busy Mums. With the whole family out and about, skin irritations such as cuts, stings and even head lice are a common occurrence, making it tricky to find a simple and versatile solution A recent study from natural tea… View Post

Avoid getting those holiday blues and get your children excited for school with the Pocket Charts from Meadow Kids! Also ideal for home education, these charts aid your children’s speech, communication and writing skills. They are also just a really fun way to spend a rainy afternoon – and we’ve… View Post

For most of us the summer holidays are just starting – which means 6 weeks without having to think about school runs, book bags and packed lunches. But school uniform is one thing you should try and think about early on, even though it seems like such a long time… View Post

We love a fish finger or 2 in this house – fish finger sandwiches are a favourite with everyone, and they are perfect for a quick and easy dinner on the day where we have countless clubs to run back and forth to. So fish fingers are a staple in the… View Post

It has been a fairly quiet week after last weeks holiday. The children went back to school and Kevin had another week off work so we have been doing a lot of odd jobs around the house. Homebase got a few visitis this week – a typical week off work… View Post

My own memories of school dinners are somewhat hazy.I was mainly a packed lunch kind of girl, and only had hot dinners on the odd occasion, but I do remember an abundance of mince and pasta, cold chips and pink custard. Why was the custard alway pink? I will never… View Post

It’s that time of year again already – Back to School. So, with that in mind, today we have a guest post from the lovely Colette, who blogs over at We’re going on an adventure. A primary school teacher herself, as well as mummy to a new school starter, Colette tells… View Post