We love the beach. We are lucky enough to live on the Devon coast, and so we do spend a fair amount of time at the seaside, whatever the weather. Over the summer holidays we enjoyed a few trips to the beach – some days were bright sunshine, others a… View Post

We are so lucky to live in Devon – we have some fantastic coastline here and a lot of beautiful beaches to choose from. In a recent survey, Devon was voted as the 10th best place for beaches – which I have to say surprised me a bit – I… View Post

This week Gemma and Jacob have been on half term, and so we have been trying to cram in as much fun as possible! We have been on a few trips out as well as getting on with some activities at home, and it has been pretty successful – I… View Post

The beach isn’t just for the summer. In fact, I almost prefer it in the winter, when it is empty except for the surfers and a few families, when there are heaps of new rock pools to explore, when the children can run undisturbed for miles. That’s just what we… View Post

This weekend we headed to Exmouth – it has a glorious sandy beach and, just as importantly this weekend, a great view across the water to Dawlish. This weekend was the Dawlish Air Show, and we knew the kids would enjoy watching all the aeroplanes and helicopters, as well as… View Post