Forest School has become a buzzword within parenting circles as parents become more and more aware of its benefits, such as: Playing in nature – Learning through experience – Free play – Managing risk To name a few… Now, Forest School becomes even more accessible with the publication of Play The Forest School Way, a woodland adventure… View Post

Many teens just don’t want to read anymore. Instead they choose to sit in front of all the technology that is now readily available to them, whether that is their smartphone, a games console or tablet.  They are reading, of course, but reading Facebook statuses and their Twitter timeline isn’t… View Post

Britain is packed full of literary connections so to help you find the perfect day out, the book worms at holiday company have created a map of the best places to visit to immerse yourself in the worlds of your child’s favourite authors and stories. If you’ve always wanted… View Post

Potty training has never been my favourite part of parenting, so anything that can help make it that little bit easier is a winner in my book.  We are right at the very start of our potty training journey with Max – gently introducing him to the potty, what happens… View Post

If you have spent any time with small children you will know that they love books, and my eldest 3 are no exception. Gemma and Jacob have a stash of their favourite books now – Gemma is a Harry Potter fan and Jacob loves anything to do with Skylanders and… View Post

I love a good book, and my children have inherited that trait. Gemma and Jacob nearly always take a book to bed with them, and a bedtime story is part of our nightly routine. This week’s story of choice has been ‘ Madeleine Goes to the Moon’. A lovely story… View Post

Have you heard of Meadow Kids before? I only came across them recently following a recommendation from a friend. They offer a range of products that are designed to enhance family interaction and stimulate cognitive development.  We were sent a few items from the range, and couldn’t wait to take a… View Post

I love Mr Men and Little Miss books. I remember reading them as a child, and I now love to share them with my own children.The newest addition to the range is Little Miss Hug. A friendly and caring little lady who doles out hugs to make you feel better… View Post

Finding time to read books that don’t feature Peppa Pig or a fairy is hard these days – I am either too busy or too tired. When Mumsnet got in touch offering me the chance to review a new novel, I vowed to make time to read for me again – and… View Post

I hate the fact that at Easter my children get given piles and piles of chocolate eggs. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with chocolate, but there is a limit to how much one child can eat – it either results in chocolate smeared faces and sore tummies,… View Post