Like many busy parents, breakfast often comes bottom of the list in the mornings. I have 4 children to get to school and nursery, 4 lots of bags, coats and packed lunches to worry about – and that’s before I even think about getting myself showered, dressed and ready… View Post

Breakfast can be a bit of a difficult meal, especially in a busy household. On a school morning, I have 4 children to get fed, washed and dressed and out of the house for a nursery run by 8am. So sometimes, breakfast is a bit of a rushed affair, and… View Post

I find it really hard to find a breakfast cereal that both tastes great and provides a good nutritional meal. I have a sweet tooth, so a lot of the healthy options really don’t appeal to me – unless it has some sort of sweet fruit or other tasty treat… View Post

Finding something tasty and healthy for breakfast can sometimes be a real chore. Some of the ‘healthy’ cereals I have tried in the past have tasted bland and boring. I was excited to receive samples of the new Special K granola – I am already a fan of Special K cereal, and the… View Post

Back in October, we reviewed some lovely Heinz baby food pouches, which Max enjoyed very much. So we were thrilled when another delightful little basket of Heinz goodies arrived – this time their breakfast range. Creamy oat porridge Six cereal breakfast biscotti Banana and apple muesli breakfast pots Creamy oat porridge… View Post