Aside from the homes we live in, the cars we buy are just about the biggest purchases the average person will ever make. The importance of which is even greater when it comes to buying a car to get the whole family around. Endless options, myriad models and prices that… View Post

Cars are expensive – we all know that. You have to take into account not just the purchase price but the other costs too – tax, insurance, fuel, MOT. Then there are the running repairs that all cars need now and then – new tyres, brakes, wipers and so on.… View Post

Photo Credit: ClearFrost via Compfight cc We, like many others, are a 2 car family, and while most of the time they are just vessels for transporting children to clubs, doing the shopping and getting to work, sometimes they need a little bit of TLC. My car went in for… View Post

Every time that you get behind the wheel with kids in the back there are some safety precautions that you take as part of your routine, probably without ever thinking about them. Checking that children are strapped in behind seat belts, or in the appropriate booster seats, becomes second nature… View Post

Just before we went on holiday, we received a lovely parcel of goodies from Lindam. It contained: Jump about door bouncer White-hot safety sun block shades Backseat organiser As we were just heading off on holiday, the 2 travel accessories were put straight to use.The White-hot safety blinds attach to the… View Post

I was recently lucky enough to be a part of the Slumberdown Panel of Mums. This means that I get a chance to try out some of the lovely Slumberdown products, and let you know what I really think!This week we have been taking a look at the Slumberdown travel… View Post