With seasonal feasts like Christmas, New Years and Easter, you need to plan your holiday menus in advance. If you and your family follow a Paleo diet it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on sumptuous feasts. What is the Paleo Diet? In case you haven’t caught on… View Post

It is that time of the year again where friends and family converge for one common purpose. A year ago, a time like this, I was able to buy my mother a gift that even after a year after, she still remembers it. It was never an easy task as… View Post

Times are a-changing and no longer do we celebrate the nuclear family. It’s no longer how things are – maybe it didn’t ever really exist. Now, it’s time we celebrated the sheer complexity of the 21st century family, and the abundance of joys that come with it. We’ve come to… View Post

Many of us often struggle to find the right Christmas presents for our loved ones, and we aren’t just referring to the price factor. After all, you may be buying for friends or family members who you barely know, or who already seem to have everything. So, I thought I’d… View Post

Everyone does Christmas differently. Each family has their own traditions, whether they are ones that have been passed down over several generations or new ones that you have created with your partner and children. For us, it’s a combination of both, things that we loved doing when we were children… View Post

Christmas is the one time of the year when we treat ourselves to some ‘posh’ chocolate, and I don’t think you can beat Hotel Chocolat for that. Their Christmas range is always a real delight, and this year we are particularly loving the Just One More and Toasty Toddies boxes. … View Post

Every time I ask Kevin what he wants for Christmas, he mentions bluetooth speakers. I didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about these, so I decided to do a bit of research of my own before purchasing any.  My impression of bluetooth speakers was that they just, well,… View Post

Christmas is just around the corner, and if your children are anything like mine, the words ‘advent calendar’ will have already been mentioned several hundred times. In the past, we have traditionally gone for the standard chocolate advent calendar, but this year we have decided to move away from that… View Post

With Christmas just around the corner, I know a lot of you will be looking for gift ideas for your family. We have been trying out some toys and games that could be perfect for your little ones stocking! Orchard Toys Follow that Car game. We are big fans of… View Post

One of the best things about the run up to Christmas is of course the advent calendar, that little treat at the start of each day to count down to your favourite day of year; but, if you’re worried about just how much chocolate you’re going to be consuming over… View Post

Max is a HUGE Blaze fan – he could watch it all day. So when a Blaze parcel arrived last week, I thought he might just burst with excitement! The Fisher Price Blaze Monster Dome play set is the newest Blaze item to hit the shelves, and it’s set to… View Post

Day 347 – Our first morning in the new house, and the first time Eliza has been able to try out her new highchair, as it has been in storage for months! It’s a hit, and we love having her sat at the table with us. Day 348 – The children really… View Post