Dressing appropriately is a must. Understanding the company you’re keeping and which styles work for each season will put you miles ahead of the game. Your accessories — and your choices in pantyhose colour — are just as important as what dress you choose to put on. Your hose can contrast your… View Post

It’s no secret – buying kids clothes can be really expensive. They grow so fast, and outfits need replacing regularly. Once they start school, there are uniforms and sports kits to buy, not to mention all the kit for after school clubs such as football, Guides, swimming and karate. Then… View Post

Think about the last time you got your little man all dressed up for a day out, only to discover just 30 minutes after leaving the house, his clothes – fresh on that very morning – were already mucked up. We’d like to hazard a guess it wasn’t all that… View Post

I have been trying to start getting some clothes together for the new baby, but because we don’t know the sex it has been really hard. There is very little neutral stuff out there, and what I can find is all Winnie the Pooh and teddies, which just isn’t my… View Post