Did you know this week is UK Coffee Week? Take a look at this chart, showing some interesting, lesser known and unusual uses for coffee. Throughout the week, MyVoucherCodes will be regularly giving out Starbucks vouchers via Facebook– who doesn’t like a free cup of coffee?!  

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My husband is a huge coffee fan – never a day goes by without several coffee cups ending up in the dishwasher. Me? Not so much – it’s not my drink of choice, but I do love to bake with coffee flavours. One of my favourite recipes is the coffee… View Post

Making yogurt? That sounds like far too much hassle -right? You can just pop down to Morrisons and buy some? That’s what I thought until we were sent the Beanies Yogart machine.It was simple enough for the children to use. You just add the flavoured yogurt powder mix to some milk… View Post

Many of us will like a good cup of coffee to get us going in the morning, and coffee machines such as the Nespresso make this quick and easy, and open up a whole new world of flavours and taste sensations. Gourmesso are the alternative capsule for your coffee machine. Available from… View Post