Max has suffered with eczema since he was tiny. Over the last 3 years we have tried so many different creams, lotions and diet changes to control it, without much success, until we cut dairy from his diet. This had a dramatic effect on his skin, and he has been… View Post

I can hardly believe I am writing this, but it’s been almost 3 years since I started blogging – 3 years! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, and I can’t believe how much blogging has given me over those 3 years – an income, the chance to… View Post

December is a special month for me – it is the month that I started blogging, back in 2012. So much has happened since then, and blogging has changed my life in so many ways. To celebrate the last 2 years, and say thank you to you – the people… View Post

It’s time for the monthly review round up again, and I have some fabulous items to show you this time! Lenor Unstoppables I am really funny about the way my washing smells. I have certain fabric softeners that I use over and over, purely because the scent lasts, and you… View Post

Max and Jacob both have eczema, and while Jacob’s is much more seasonal, Max’s is persistent and consistent. I hate seeing those large red patches with marks where he has scratched, as so I am constantly searching for new ways to manage the condition. I have put together a list… View Post

I have used amber a lot in the past – when Max was tiny and teeth were popping through an amber anklet was really helpful, eased his pain and combatted the excessive drooling. Since then, I have done a lot more reasearch into amber and the benefits it can have, and… View Post

Max has very sensitive skin, and suffers from eczema – because of this I am very careful about what products I use on his skin. So when miamoo got in touch and offered me a travel set to review, I knew it would be perfect for Max. Let me tell you why:miamoo… View Post

There are 3 people in this family with asthma and eczema – Kevin, Jacob and Max – and so keeping the air around them clean, clear and free of dust and irritants is something that I am constantly striving for. We also live in a house which does seem to… View Post

Jacob has always suffered with eczema, ever since he was a tiny tot. It is usually fairly well managed with a combination of bath oil and daily applications of eczema cream. But when the weather is hot, we have real problems – not only does the heat cause a flare… View Post