For parents all across the UK, the question of their children’s education has always been a burning one. Over recent years, private school tuition fees have risen significantly, while in the same period the salaries of many middle-class jobs have actually decreased. This financial mismatch has put increased pressure on parents,… View Post

Photo Credit: daily threads via Compfight cc There is growing concern within education that the lack of male teachers is becoming a serious issue. Generous statistics put the ratio of male primary teachers at 12% whilst 4 out of every 5 teacher jobs goes to a woman. However, much of… View Post

I have been a fan of Leapfrog products for a while now – as well as being heaps of fun for children, they all have a learning and educational function too – a total winner in my book! We have been trying out the LeapPad 3, the LeapReader and the… View Post

Keeping the kids busy over the summer holidays can be tough – why not try some of these ‘secret learning suggestions’ from mum and teacher Lisa Bradburn? Let us know how you get on! The Summer holidays are a well-earned break for growing minds. As a mum to three children… View Post

The big move from primary to secondary school isn’t an easy one, for parents or their children. It’s a big step, and one that doesn’t always go as smoothly as you might have hoped. While most kids will adapt to the larger classrooms, the sea of new faces and the… View Post