January is always a bit of a sluggish month for most of us, dragging ourselves back to work after 10 days off stuffing our faces with chocolate and drinking prosecco for breakfast can be a struggle to say the least. But getting yourself back into a routine is important to… View Post

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, it’s important that your work out encompasses a wide range of exercises to help you achieve the very best results. Step into any health and fitness centre and you’ll find a vast array of exercise machines that will allow you to enjoy… View Post

Yoga is one of those practices that few people know much about. You will often hear various misconceptions. Believe it or not, the instructors actually hear them every single day. Yoga is now much more popular and well-known than it used to be but this does not mean that we… View Post

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Sunday afternoon.Roast dinner finished.It’s raining.Time to curl up with a film? Not in this house! Gemma and Jacob like to be OUT – whatever the weather! So today we donned our wellies and coats and headed down the road to the BMX track. We are very lucky to have this… View Post