It can be tempting to be guided by the lowest priced furniture you see when choosing something for your garden, but it doesn’t always pay to focus on price alone if you want to get the best performance and true value for money from your investment. When you think that… View Post

Winter is coming! The weather forecast is saying snow is just over the horizon and Christmas is just around the corner. Before the snow hits, the Christmas turkey is ready and the garden is abandoned, it might be time to think about the garden shed. You might have used your… View Post

My kids love to be outside. Gemma likes to sit in the garden and read a book, or kick a football with Jacob. Max just likes the space to run, and Eliza is obsessed with the water table. Sometimes though, they just want something new to do, and that’s where… View Post

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Planning a summer filled with friends, good food and a smoking hot grill to cook everything on? Then it might be a good idea to introduce this summer BBQ etiquette into your sun fuelled festivities…    Make it look a little like a garden Do you just have a sad… View Post

I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t love a trampoline. Not only are they fantastic fun and perfect for social play, they are also provide a great source of exercise.  The 10ft Zoomee trampoline from Wicken Toys is TP’s entry level trampoline, with an integral safety enclosure that attaches to… View Post

As winter becomes spring and summer you’ll probably be thinking about how to amuse and entertain your children in the backyard. Sometimes just letting them get on with it with their new toys will do, but on other occasions you’ll want to take part yourself and engage them in meatier… View Post

With summer just around the corner, a lot of us will be thinking about the garden, and in particular the lawn. We have already had to cut the grass a few times this year as the combination of warm days and damp nights has caused it to grow like a… View Post

The weeks are flying past – how are we on week 16 of project 365 already?! It’s been a glorious week with plenty of sun, and although it’s been quite hot with a big bump I am definitely not moaning. I would much rather have sunshine than rain. Day 102… View Post

With the summer just around the corner (apparently) we have started to do bits and pieces in the garden, to get it ready for summer BBQ’s and lots of outdoor play. We are lucky enough to have 2 areas in the garden – a lawn for football and picnics and… View Post

Tots 100 are currently running a competition with the lovely people over at Activity toys Direct. To enter, you simply go fantasy shopping with £750 – now that I can do!So how would we spend £750 transforming our garden into fun, all year-round family haven? I put this question to… View Post