Ask anyone what the purpose of a kitchen is, and chances are they’ll say kitchens are for cooking. Of course, this is true, but there is so much more to a kitchen in the modern era than a room to cook and prepare meals. Many of the most profound and… View Post

With spring now in full bloom and the promise of summer only round the corner, it’s about time we started making our homes look great again. After all, through the winter no one wants to be doing DIY, but we would all love our homes to be in great condition… View Post

Any homeowner will attest to the fact that they need to shell out money for routine home maintenance, like replacing old plumbing components or staining the deck, however, some choose to make bigger improvements with the intention of increasing the home’s value. Some projects, such as adding a family room… View Post

Many people will follow trends in fashion or beauty, while others take a particular interest in interior design. Just like the catwalk trends change each season, so do the hottest ideas for your home décor. While we update our wardrobes for summer and winter, many homes will undergo a transformation… View Post

DIY stands for ‘do it yourself’ and refers to household repairs, renovations, creations and improvements that you’d otherwise have to pay someone to do. The biggest reason we undertake DIY is to save money… picking up cheap materials and not having to pay someone else to do the dirty work… View Post

I recently came across a site called Teacherboards – a company manufacturing and distributing boards from their factory in Yorkshire to educational institutions. They have been providing boards for over 30 years, and they provide everything from notice boards and whiteboards to magnetic glassboards and display frames. One of their newest… View Post

We have thousands of photos stored on the computer and on our phones, but we rarely get round to printing them out or displaying them. We have a few favourites that are in frames and on the wall – our wedding photo, a canvas of the children running along the… View Post

Running a household isn’t cheap and you will need to buy everything from everyday cleaning products through to food but have you ever thought about how hard your life would be without your household appliances? If you rely on your toaster for quick breakfasts, your kettle for your morning coffee,… View Post

Small spaces can be restrictive and frustrating. The BBC website claimed that the UK has ‘some of the smallest new homes in Europe,’ and many houses also have only a pocket handkerchief sized garden. Worse still, some houses have little or no outside space at all. If your property only… View Post

I never really used to worry about keeping my home safe. We didn’t own anything of much value, we were home most of the time and we lived in the type of neighbourhood you assume will be pretty safe. Then we had kids, and my priorities changed somewhat – now… View Post