When it comes to designing a children’s bedroom, you can have a lot of fun and make it really interesting and creative. After all, encouraging your child’s imagination is one of many important steps that you should take to foster your son or daughter’s growth. And one really popular theme… View Post

Have you got a Lego fan? Both Gemma and Jacob love Lego – all types. We have the City range, the Technic cars, the Ninjago sets, Lego Friends and many more bits and pieces we have acquired over the years. It’s so versatile, and something that is perfect for almost all… View Post

After having succesfully completed a whole year of project 365 in 2014, I am determined to continue in 2015. This week is a short one, just 3 photos from the New Year so far. Max got a Little Tikes car for Christmas, and he adores it. I am not sure… View Post

Another week has flown by – where is the time going? Halloween is done, Bonfire Night will be next, and then Christmas and Gemma’s birthday will be here, and I will have a 9 year old daughter. Scary. Here is this weeks Project 365. Day 299 – The weather has… View Post

Life is all about the simple stuff when you are small – and I think we sometimes forget that. This week, we have been playing with ‘Magic snow’ – have you ever seen this stuff? It’s great! Its just a powder – you add water and it turns into snow.… View Post