There is no doubt that teaching children about money is a vital step in preparing children for adult life. According to Shepherds Friendly, 94% of parents say that saving money is important to them, however only 25% regularly discuss the importance of money management and savings with their children. This… View Post

Photo Credit: reynermedia via Compfight cc With the summer finally on its way (or so we’re told!) and another little addition to our family, it seems like the perfect time to give our finances a good spring clean and get on top of them once and for all. I’ve been… View Post

Photo Credit: RoseMolyneux via Compfight cc Kevin and I have been married for almost 9 years. Back in 2006 when we got married, money was pretty tight. We had just had our first baby, not long bought our first house, and were both at the start of our careers. We… View Post

Photo Credit: Rodrigo_Amorim via Compfight cc After Christmas and New Year all families are forced to tighten their belts for a little while, no matter how big the family is. After splashing the cash on the elaborate and thoughtful gifts that Santa delivered, the bank account always looks empty and… View Post