Your home is your secure place, somewhere you can relax and enjoy as a family, knowing your children are safe. Right? That wasn’t the experience we got when we bought a Taylor Wimpey home. We moved into our brand new Taylor Wimpey home on 18th December 2015. There were some pretty… View Post

As many of you will know, we have recently moved into a new build house. Although this has been a real upheaval and there have been some major issues (I will write about that soon), the flexibility to choose and design our own home from scratch has been fantastic.  We… View Post

Well it’s been a funny old week! Apologies for the eclectic mix of photos this week but we have FINALLY moved into our brand new house! I am over the moon, and we can hardly believe the day has actually come. Here is our project 365, week 51 – almost… View Post

I can’t believe it’s Saturday again already! In 2 weeks time we should be waking up in our new house for the very first time, as we have been given a completion date of 18th December! I am beyond excited, it’s been such a long time coming and we can’t… View Post

Gemma has had the same bedroom for several years now – pink with wall stickers that she chose a good while ago. She has been asking for a ‘new’ bedroom for a while now, but because we were all set to move very soon, we held off on decorating until… View Post

At the moment our house looks like this: We are in the process of buying a new build house, and it is definitely getting there, after months of waiting. We are hoping to be in and settled before Christmas, which is very exciting – and I have been doing some… View Post

Your big move is just a few weeks away. How prepared are you for what is likely to be a stressful day? With the countdown ticking away, no doubt your stress levels are rising. Unless you start planning as soon as possible, you could find yourself in serious trouble with… View Post

Everything feels a bit more back to normal this week. The big 2 have settled back into school and Max has started 3 days a week at nursery so I can work. Eliza had her injections at the end of last week and she was really unsettled for a few… View Post

Buying a new house is lots of things – scary, expensive, exciting, stressful. Buying a new build adds even more emotions I think – worry about it all coming together, concerns about the interior being as you have specified, disappointment when completion dates are pushed back. But in the long… View Post

As many of you will know, we are soon to move into our dream home – a brand new 4 bedroom detached house on a site that has just begun development. It will mean living in something of a building site for a while, but short term pain, long term… View Post