Before I had children, I had this vision of how family life would be. The big family bed with white cotton covers and white floorboards. Little rosy faced cherubs in floral pyjamas sitting quietly with puzzles and books.  Then we had children. The family bed is covered in jam and… View Post

If you like being outside, and you like getting stuck in, then The Bear Trail in Cullompton is for you. A brand new outdoor adventure, The Bear Trail has it all, from mud pits and swings to rickety bridges, climbing nets and tunnels. Let me take you on a tour…… View Post

Are you already contemplating how you’re going to keep the kids entertained and out of trouble without letting them fester in front of a screen this summer? If so, we’ve got you covered with these six fantastic garden activities for you and the kids to get stuck into while the… View Post

As winter becomes spring and summer you’ll probably be thinking about how to amuse and entertain your children in the backyard. Sometimes just letting them get on with it with their new toys will do, but on other occasions you’ll want to take part yourself and engage them in meatier… View Post

Did you know children now spend 6 hours or more on screens every day? That’s a 50% increase from 1995. It’s quite a shocking thought really isn’t it? 6 hours is almost a full school day, or the best part of a family weekend. Center Parcs want to change this… View Post

The weeks are flying by – I know I say this most weeks, but it’s true! It’s already Saturday, I will be 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow and it looks set to be another busy week ahead. Here is week 19 of our project 365. Day 123 – Lovely to see… View Post

Another week gone! This week has been a mixed one, with an unexpected admission to hospital, but with plenty of fun too. Welcome to my project 365, week 18! Day 116 – Gemma was the Brownies flag bearer for the St George’s Day parade today. She was SO proud. Day… View Post

The weeks are flying past – how are we on week 16 of project 365 already?! It’s been a glorious week with plenty of sun, and although it’s been quite hot with a big bump I am definitely not moaning. I would much rather have sunshine than rain. Day 102… View Post