When a grandparent is beginning to struggle with the loss of mental capacity that comes with dementia, it can be very confusing for children in the family. Even very young children need to make sense of their world, and questions are common. Most parents start off by pretending that there’s nothing… View Post

If you’re a mum, you may forget the last time you enjoyed a real break from household chores and the responsibility of raising children. We commend your efforts, but don’t you think it might be time for a bit of time all to yourself? If you make time to do… View Post

Being a parent is HARD. Whether you stay at home full time to look after the children, whether you work full time outside the home, or whether you do what a lot of us do, and juggle part time career with parenting. Have you ever wondered what your parenting ‘salary’… View Post

Today I have a guest post from the lovely Jess over at Babi a Fi. She writes about how her parenting expectations have clashed with the reality – and I think we can all relate to these! Before Marianna arrived I knew exactly how this parenthood thing was going to… View Post

Many parents hope they will never need to use first aid on their children, but learning the basic skills might one day save their life. There are a wide range of courses available on the internet, but being taught by a medical professional will always give you the best information.… View Post

Photo Credit: Harry Wedzinga via Compfight cc When applying for a job it’s easy to simply focus on the in-work strengths you’ve accrued through training and experience. But what about parenthood? Don’t forget that in your role as a mum and dad you will have developed vital skills that can… View Post

Career in one corner, loving family in the other. This can sometimes seem like the dilemma faced by women in today’s world. I’m here to say that it shouldn’t be. Women should be able to have a successful career and a healthy, happy family. All you need to do is… View Post

Today features a guest post from one of my favourite bloggers – Chantelle from Mama Mummy Mum. Just look at her gorgeous girls!  I am sure that this post will have most parents nodding along in agreement! When you become a parent your life changes, definitely for the better, but I… View Post

When I became a parent, I was inundated with well meaning advice, tips and stories. As a first time mum, I took a lot of these tips on board and tried to apply them to our life. However, as we got further down the parenting road, we soon realised that… View Post