We have thousands of photos stored on the computer and on our phones, but we rarely get round to printing them out or displaying them. We have a few favourites that are in frames and on the wall – our wedding photo, a canvas of the children running along the… View Post

Most of you will know how much I love a good canvas picture. My wall is literally covered in canvases – everything from word art to the gorgeous photos my very talented husband has taken over the years. When you have a great image you want put onto canvas, it can… View Post

Day 61 – Jacob helps with cleaning the kitchen floor Day 62 – an exciting delivery! Looking forward to reviewing this! Day 63 – Pancake day! Day 64 – Max has lots of toys, but prefers to empty my vegetable basket and play with the sweet potatoes. Day 65 –… View Post

I was recently offered the chance to review a canvas print from Canvas Design UK. Although I jumped at the chance, it took me a good while to choose which of our photos we wanted put onto a canvas – Kevin is very good at photography, and so we have a… View Post

This weekend I have linked up with the lovely Mammasaurus for ‘Saturday is Caption Day’. The rules are simple. Link up a photo, old or new, and ask people to leave a comment with a caption idea for your photo. I love this idea, and I think I have just the… View Post