When I was pregnant with Eliza, I worried a lot about a recurrence of postnatal depression. I really wanted to do everything I could to avoid it this time round, and after a lot of research I came across placental encapsulation.  In short, this uses the placenta as a form… View Post

I’m finding it hard I’m not going to lie The days are a blur as I try not to cry Having Eliza has just been so hard Memories of this time already marred I’m living in dark clouds instead of the sun The newborn days just haven’t been fun I… View Post

I’m not OK. Is it OK to say that? I am 26 weeks pregnant with a happy healthy baby. I should be grateful – and I am. Believe me, I am. But I am also exhausted, struggling to sleep, struggling to manage work, the washing, cleaning, cooking, shopping. I am… View Post

For me, 2013 will forever be the year of Max. Our longed for, much wanted little bundle of joy. I had it all planned out. Our C section was booked for May 23rd, childcare was arranged, Kevin had booked time off work. I had the bag packed, and just desperatley… View Post