Welcome to the latest instalment in my Birth Stories feature. Today Lisa from Mummy Gummie tells the tale of her emergency caesarean section. I was over my due date by 4 days when we went into delivery suite for reduced foetal movements on Saturday night. Although the heart rate trace (CTG) was fine, as… View Post

Caesarean rates across the country are at an all time high, and yet so many of us still feel completely unprepared if it is something that happens to us. I think part of that is because it isn’t always presented as an option at antenatal classes and the like, with… View Post

We are away on holiday this week, so I have some fantastic guest post features for you. Today I have a C section story from My Mummy’s World. When I had my first born child I had a lovely natural birth, natural progression with just a little gas and air… View Post

Welcome to the latest instalment in my Birth Stories feature. Today Charlie from RealGirlRamblings tells the tale of her assisted birth.  WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THE REALITY OF AN ASSISTED BIRTH? On our way to a baby massage class one spring morning with our napping babies snuggled in the… View Post

Welcome to the latest instalment in my Birth Stories feature. Today we have the the story of Cohen’s unplanned home birth, shared by mum Jade from Everyday Young Mum. Hi my name Jade and I’m the mum to a gorgeous 4 month old little boy we called Cohen. I am… View Post

When I was pregnant with Eliza, I worried a lot about a recurrence of postnatal depression. I really wanted to do everything I could to avoid it this time round, and after a lot of research I came across placental encapsulation.  In short, this uses the placenta as a form… View Post

A few weeks ago, I asked a question on social media; if you could ask a midwife anything what would it be? I put your questions to Mandy Bellenger, independent midwife at Bellenger Midwifery: What is the most frustrating part of the job? Apart from not being able to predict… View Post

So many couples dream about starting a family one day. They spend late night conversations over a glass of wine dreaming about what their children might look like, who they’ll take after and what they’ll grow up to be. Maybe they’ll worry about moving to a bigger house, or the… View Post

There comes a point, usually around the second trimester, when pregnant women start to think more about the experience of labour and birth. From programmes like ‘One Born Every Minute’ and horror stories that other people have passed on to them, many women begin to feel nervous about childbirth and… View Post

I read a post the other day from a lady who had wanted a hands off, non medicalised, hands off birth with her twins. She had a meeting with the supervisor of midwives prior to the labour, made sure everything was written down and reiterated everything again when she arrived at… View Post

During the course of my 4 pregnancies, I have seen a lot of the local maternity services – from the midwife led unit to the high dependency wards and neonatal unit. I have been scanned, monitored and given medication and surgery by  midwives, health care assistants, surgeons and anaesthetists.  I… View Post

Welcome to the latest instalment in my blog series: Birth Stories. Today we have the story of Jenni from Odd Socks and Lollipops and Boo, and how this little girl came into the world underwater. I was pretty sure that my daughter was going to arrive before her due date, not really… View Post