This month is Caesarean Awareness Month, and I have decided to share my 4 very different caesarean experiences. You can read my first birth story (the crash section) here. When Gemma was about 1, we decided we would like another baby, and I was lucky enough to fall pregnant fairly… View Post

I read a comment on social media from an expectant mummy. It was just a passing comment about how, at 34 weeks she was fed up and exhausted and wishing to go into labour that very day. I know that no harm was meant by this, and it was just… View Post

We were recently invited to take part in the Money Supermarket ‘Retail Royalty’ Charity Challenge.We were given £30 to spend on items for a local charity of our choice. These items had to be beneficial to the charity – something that would really come in useful.There was no doubt in… View Post