Are you tired of the same old cheesy chat-up lines? Do your dates keep trying to put you in uncomfortable situations? Are you looking for a true gentleman? Believe it or not, there are some out there; it’s just a matter of finding one. Here are some dating traits of… View Post

As you might expect, there’s more to being a life partner to someone than simply providing love and sex, although those are important factors of course. The idea behind making yourself a better spouse before you actually become one, is that you adopt the right frame of mind towards relationships… View Post

This post was sent to me by someone who wanted to write their feelings down, but for reasons that will become obvious, did not feel comfortable sharing on their own little space on the web.  I’m in a relationship that I hate and makes me feel low, but he won’t… View Post

Kevin and I recently watched a programme on TV about 9/11, and about all the heroes who helped on that fateful day so many years ago. It’s still such a clear event in everyones mind – everyone can remember where they were when they heard the Twin Towers had fallen…… View Post