A couple of months ago, I decided to make some lifestyle changes and try to be a bit healthier overall. I joined a Slimming World group, and have been cooking from scratch a lot more, using heaps more fruit and vegetables. I’ve tried to choose healthier snacking options too, opting… View Post

Gemma, Jacob and Max all love magazines. They often choose one in the supermarket after we have been shopping, and spend a quiet afternoon reading and doing puzzles. I do find that some of the magazines they choose lack a bit of educational value, and I am not a massive… View Post

Once your child starts nursery or school, head lice are almost inevitable at some stage. Although there are many different treatments on the market now, we have always found them to be a real pain – usually they are shampoos that have to be left on for a certain amount… View Post

Jacob absolutely LOVES cars – especially fast, sporty looking race cars. He often asks for the Top Gear magazines, just so he can cut out the pictures of the cars and stick them on his bedroom wall. So when we were sent the Meccano Ferrari 488 Spider, I knew it… View Post

Kevin has a bit of a thing for trainers. We seem to have endless pairs in the house, because each pair is for a certain purpose. ‘Best’ trainers, gardening trainers, walking trainers – you get the picture. What he didn’t have though, was a pair of running trainers.  He was… View Post

Jacob is football MAD. Come rain or shine, he is always kicking a football around, and when he isn’t playing he is either watching it or talking about it.  He has been a fan of the Topps Match Attax cards for a while too, and has been trying to collect… View Post

There has been a lot of talk lately about the new laws and safety regulations regarding booster seats for older children. In simple terms, as of March 2017, any child using an existing backless booster seat can legally continue to do so, although newly manufactured backless booster cushions on the… View Post

We have a huge amount of Orchard Toys products in this house – all the children have grown up with them. We have games for all ages, and heaps of puzzles too, but until recently we didn’t have anything much for the youngest member of the family – she isn’t… View Post

Playmobil is a big favourite in our house, and the Fire Chief’s Car and Playmobil Pirates are played with most days. They seem to bridge the different ages well, with Gemma, Jacob and Max able to enjoy them equally.  We were recently sent the FulguriX from the Playmobil Super 4 range, which… View Post