There is nothing more important to a community than the education of its children. Educators have always had to scrape by in order to provide the tools the children need. Even in districts where the local government holds education in top regard, there are always budget concerns. When those time… View Post

Starting school can be a tough time in a child’s life, and it can be even more difficult if making friends doesn’t come naturally to your child. We are social animals – making and maintaining good friendships is essential for our self-esteem, happiness and even our physical wellbeing. However, some… View Post

Look at any sporting event and you’ll see scores of parents with their video cameras recording the big game. You are probably one of those parents who spend hours each and every week capturing these moments. A great feeling is able to immortalise these moments through video. One thing you… View Post

Budding young artists across Britain are being challenged to design a comic strip in a bid to win an energy makeover for their school worth up to £50,000 from British Gas. As part of the Generation Green Smarter Power competition, school children aged 7-11 are being asked to draw a… View Post

It’s coming up to the time of year where parents of pre schoolers start to think about which primary school to apply for. Which would be the best for their little one, which has the right balance of classroom study and outdoor play, which has the right religious or cultural… View Post

September is here and most of us have waved our little darlings off to school for the autumn term. Gone are the mornings of staying in your pyjamas, watching DVD’s under the duvet and having picnics on the carpet at lunchtime.  School run mornings can be a real rush –… View Post

Your child’s education is extremely important, so you want to be involved to ensure that your child is getting the best education possible. Working with school administrators and teachers will allow you to get to know what their programs are like, and you can also offer up tips and advice… View Post

For parents all across the UK, the question of their children’s education has always been a burning one. Over recent years, private school tuition fees have risen significantly, while in the same period the salaries of many middle-class jobs have actually decreased. This financial mismatch has put increased pressure on parents,… View Post

I haven’t got a lot to say this week – it’s been a bit of a tough one, so I will leave the photos to do the talking! Here is this weeks project 365.   Day 270 – a gorgeous moment between these two. Day 271 – Eating icecream can be… View Post

Photo Credit: John-Morgan via Compfight cc Homeschooling is associated with a whole range of benefits for kids and parents alike. However, this approach to teaching children isn’t always easy. To help you achieve the best results, here are the 10 commandments of home educating. 1) Get the right materials First… View Post

Schools in Devon could win up to £1,500 and other great prizes for their pre-school club by entering the national Breakfast Club Awards. 85 per cent of schools in the UK have a Breakfast Club which gives schoolchildren the opportunity to get something to eat in the morning so they go… View Post

When the children go back to school after the summer holidays, there are usually a lot of new things to buy. They have often grown out of the previous years uniform and shoes, so you need to get new sets. Jacob has usually been using his rucksack as a football… View Post