Family holidays should be a break away from your hectic daily life and a time for relaxation, leisure and fun. You shouldn’t have to compromise anything you do on holiday because you are travelling with children. Most parents simply want to survive the family holiday; here are some tips to help you actually… View Post

While it’s very important to choose the right plants for your garden so that it looks great all year round, you should also consider what type of outdoor planter you are choosing. This can have a huge impact on how your garden looks as well as the condition of your… View Post

It is great to see the sun coming out more. I am really looking forward to long summer evenings, which mean I can spend more time outside with the children. Of course, the fact that the weather is getting warmer means that I have been thinking a lot about updating… View Post

It can be tempting to be guided by the lowest priced furniture you see when choosing something for your garden, but it doesn’t always pay to focus on price alone if you want to get the best performance and true value for money from your investment. When you think that… View Post

Planning a summer filled with friends, good food and a smoking hot grill to cook everything on? Then it might be a good idea to introduce this summer BBQ etiquette into your sun fuelled festivities…    Make it look a little like a garden Do you just have a sad… View Post

Apparently, over the course of a lifetime, Brits spend an average of £30,000 looking after their gardens. That seems quite a lot of money for a few plant pots, replacing your lawn mower every few years and perhaps putting up some decking or a shed! Something we’re not splashing out… View Post

Keeping the children entertained in the summer holidays can be tough – there are only so many times you can go to the park or the library. Thankfully Marks & Spencer came to our rescue this summer, sending us some kit to host our very own sports day. So we… View Post

I have always encouraged my children to take swimming lessons. It’s such an important life skill, as well as being great exercise and good fun too. A new survey shows that 57% of UK children aged 7-11 can’t swim – and I think it’s time that changed!  I have teamed… View Post

The summer holidays are here and keeping the kids active and entertained is always one of the biggest challenges for any parent. The unpredictability of the British weather means that you always need to have a few ideas stored up for things to do, especially for the sporty types in… View Post