We love swimming, and all the kids have been in the water from a young age. We don’t tend to use a lot of water aids, but they do all love dive sticks and water toys. Especially those ones that you can fill with water and squirt each other with… View Post

Eliza, like her brothers and sister, has always been a water baby. If she is upset and crying, a bath always soothes her. So from an early age, we have made an effort to take her swimming as much as possible – sometimes I have taken her alone when the… View Post

I can hardly believe I am writing this, but it’s been almost 3 years since I started blogging – 3 years! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, and I can’t believe how much blogging has given me over those 3 years – an income, the chance to… View Post

I have always encouraged my children to take swimming lessons. It’s such an important life skill, as well as being great exercise and good fun too. A new survey shows that 57% of UK children aged 7-11 can’t swim – and I think it’s time that changed!  I have teamed… View Post

Once your kids start school, you very quickly realise the value of personalised items and name labelling. Without it, things get sucked into the vortex of lost things, never to be seen again. You name it, we have lost it – jumpers, PE shorts, socks, drinks bottles and even a… View Post

Swimming is a big part of our family life. Gemma and Jacob have lessons every week, and we tend to all swim together on a Sunday too. So we thought it was about time Max was introduced to the wonderful world of the water too! Being asked to review a… View Post