Baby girl, you are 2. 2! How is that even possible? You have changed so much in the last 12 months. Since your first birthday you have changed from a baby to a toddler. You walk, you talk (a lot) and you want to know about everything. Why does this happen,… View Post

Over the last year, we have been working with HiPP Organic. During that time we have seen Eliza go from a tiny tot having her very first tastes of food to a walking, talking toddler with strong opinions about her meal times!  Now, she has graduated from the HiPP Wean… View Post

We have been thinking about potty training for a while now, but Max just didn’t show any real interest. We bought some pants and kept them in the drawer and every so often we would ask if he wanted to wear them, but he always said no. A couple of… View Post

Over the last few months we have been introducing Max to the idea of potty training. Although he’s not quite there yet, we have definitely made some big leaps forward – he is happy to sit on the potty, he can pull his own pants up and down, he knows… View Post

I have written before about our preparations for potty training, and these have been underway for a while now. We are taking it very slowly and steadily, and letting Max take the lead. He isn’t quite ready for pants yet, but he is definitely showing a real interest now, especially… View Post

Potty training has never been my favourite part of parenting, so anything that can help make it that little bit easier is a winner in my book.  We are right at the very start of our potty training journey with Max – gently introducing him to the potty, what happens… View Post

I have always been a fan of the iCandy range, and our Peach All Terrain has been well used over the last few months, for both Max and Eliza. Sometimes, when we are just popping out for a quick stroll or heading off somewhere in the car, a smaller stroller… View Post

  Although weaning is a messy time, especially if you do baby led weaning, the after weaning period is just as messy too. Toddlers still eat with their hands, they still drop food down their front, they still haven’t quite mastered a spoon yet and they still spill drinks. So… View Post

Teething can be tough. Fact. Your little one can’t tell you what they need, you don’t know the best thing to use, and it can often end with both of you in tears. Over the years I have discovered a few items that have made teething a much less painful… View Post