New puppy? No problem | Advice for first-time puppy owners

So you are ready to collect the new addition to your family. Assuming you have done your research and selected the right dog for you, your new pet will be an excellent source of joy. To help your new puppy thrive and grow, there are some essentials to keeping your new furbaby happy and healthy and to make the most of your first weeks together.

Quality food and fresh water

From the first day they arrive, your new puppy will need fresh water available at all times, provided in a clean bowl and replaced daily. Food can be tailored to suit the age, size and breed of dog. If your new puppy is a specialised breed, be sure to check what food will suit them best, such as dog food for cockapoos or food for more active working dogs like German shepherds. Regardless of breed, all dogs need quality food so it’s a good idea to check out the ingredients before purchasing.

A warm place to sleep

The first night will be a big change for your new addition as he goes from sleeping with his siblings and mother to sleeping alone in a strange place. Make sure he has a safe place to rest where he can’t hurt himself if he gets up to explore as well as warm bed, out of the way of any drafts and lined with soft blankets to keep him comfortable. if your puppy has some trouble falling asleep, you could try a hot water bottle wrapped in a blanket to comfort him. He will also need a place to relieve himself, you can try layered newspaper or some doggy pads.

Vet check up

After a few days at home getting to know your puppy, it is time to register at your local vet. Make sure your vet inserts a microchip which will help you to find your dog should they get lost. The vet will also inoculate your animal against diseases and help you plan their diet to ensure they achieve the correct nutrients for optimal health as they grow.

Puppy school

After a few weeks with your new bundle of joy, you’ll want to think about choosing a puppy school. This may sound a little like having children but it is definitely worth enrolling your new pooch at puppy school. There are many reputable schools to be found and they will help your puppy adapt successfully to being a member of your human family as well as learn to socialise with other dogs. A well behaved dog is a joy to be around and we
cannot recommend puppy training enough!

Attention, care and time

After spending the first month together you will no doubt have found that, just like humans, dogs do best when they receive love and attention. Your puppy will shower you with affection and canine cuddles and you will need to continue to spend time with your growing puppy, bonding with him and playing games to help him burn off extra energy. Give him toys to keep him from chewing your furniture, don’t leave him alone for long periods and give him safe access to the outdoors so that he can run, play
and see the outside world. The more care you give to your puppy, the more he will care for you, so be sure to keep him healthy and happy!

As your puppy grows to adulthood he will continue to delight and amuse you, become a trusted companion and a true part of the family. Look after him and you will have many years of joy together.


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