Pets in the family | 7 animals to consider for adoption

It can be hard to find the right pet to adopt for your family. This could either be because of personal preference, or it could be because you’re worried about how your children will be with them. Below you will find some pets that mingle well in most families.


Easily the most popular pet in the UK is a dog. They are often affectionately known as man’s best friend, as they are both loyal and can tune into your emotions. They are popular as they can come in multiple different breeds.


As with dogs, cats are one of the most popular animals available as a pet in this country. Whilst you won’t really be able to let your dog run out and explore the neighbourhood, most cats are explorers who will leave your home and return later on. In some cases, they could disappear for an entire day.

Caring for a cat is much like caring for a dog, you will just need to do some research and speak to cat owners to find out how you can best manage them. It is likely you will need to get a litter tray for them to begin with, but you will need one permanently if they are an indoor cat.


Another classic pet that many families look to adopt is a rabbit. Rabbits offer an excellent compromise for families who want a pet but don’t want animals to run around their home. Of course, with that said, you should know that some rabbits can live indoors as well as outdoors.

If you are going to have your rabbits living outside, then you will need to pick up a hutch and netting to keep them safe. You will need to keep them safe from getting out and getting lost and protecting them from any wild animals such as foxes that will want to get at them.

You can pick up essential supplies from an online pet shop such as Time For Paws, who offer rabbit food, treats and toys for your newly adopted pet. You will also be able to pick up a hutch here as well as harnesses and even specialised shampoo. 


There are a variety of different birds you can take into your home. Birds can be a great solution for your family, as many children may be scared to physically touch an animal or have them run around the home. With birds, they will have to stay in their cage, allowing your children to enjoy observing them from afar.

The most common birds that are adopted include budgies as well as parrots. Both will have their advantages and disadvantages, but you will need to best think on how to look after them and care for them in general. Either way, they offer a great alternative pet for your family, whilst taking up little space.


Most families these days look into smaller creatures that can sit on top of a table or on top of some drawers. This is why people bring in hamsters, rats or mice into their home. You can have your children play with the hamsters around the room, or observe them from a distance.

They offer as a great idea for a pet as they take up little room, and have bags of energy about them. Of course, it helps that they are cute too. If you decide to adopt a hamster, then you should try to install a hamster wheel that they can run on. Not only will this be entertaining for your family, but it also helps keep them healthy.


Fish are another type of pet that can take up minimal room, and help teach your children about responsibility. The fun thing about fish is that they come in all different varieties and shapes and sizes. As you probably know, they come in multiple colours too, which means you can make it look a bit more exciting too.

The fish that you get will largely depend on the size of the tank you are able to source. If you have a bigger fish in mind, then you will need to first find a bigger tank. It will be cruel to force a big fish into a small tank.

Alternatively, you could look to build a small pond, either in your front garden or in the back. Once this pond has been established, you could purchase some pond fish, which helps build up a natural space that contains its own little eco-system.


Whilst previously being seen as an exotic pet, more and more turtles are being introduced into the homes of Britons across the country. They are a great pet, as they are small and peaceful creatures who are incredibly gentle with everything around them.

This makes a turtle a perfect family pet, as children are fascinated by them and can talk to them without them running away. Caring for a turtle means you may need to provide suitable environmental conditions, with some requiring warmth. Some turtles can live for an extremely long time, so be aware that it will be a life-long commitment for your family, so ensure you’re all up for it.



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