Summer holiday garden party with Barbie

The summer holidays can be long – and really tough, especially in the recent cost of living crisis. It’s not practical, or affordable to spend every single day on trips to the zoo, or expensive activities. And let’s be honest – both parents and children sometimes just want a day at home! That’s why it is important to have a range of toys and activities for those home days – days where you just need some quiet, or you need them to be able to play independently while you get on with some of that never ending life admin!

The recent Barbie movie epidemic has brought Barbie back to the forefront of a lot of parents’s minds – and rightly so. I remember playing with Barbie when I was a child  endless hours choosing outfits, and making houses out of shoeboxes for her to live in. These imaginative, role-play scenarios are so important for child development, allowing them to explore a variety of scenarios that mimic real life, or delve deeper into fantasy land. 

Things have really moved on since my day – Barbie is now much more diverse, representing different ethnicities, abilities and body types, so that all children can feel comfortable and included. Barbie even has careers now – encouraging more young people to explore the possibilities of working in science, technology, engineering or maths.

And Barbie isn’t just for the rainy indoor play days! Eliza and Max are very much outdoorsy little people, and so our toys have to be able to withstand some rough and tumble. I can confirm that Barbie meets this brief – and the two of them have enjoyed some fantastic summer garden parties so far this year!

The Barbie Dreamhouse Doll Playset is incredible. It has SO many rooms laid out over a wide, open plan design so that all areas are accessible 360 degrees. There are 3 storeys, indoor and outdoor play areas, pools for Barbie and her pets, and a spiral slide. There is also a working lift for accessing the different levels, and light and sound effects in the kitchen and bathroom. The flushing toilet is a particular favourite with Max! 

Despite being really sizeable, the Dreamhouse is lightweight and easy to move from house to garden. It’s super easy to put together – high quality manufacturing means the pieces all clip together with ease. Eliza loves the adaptability of it, and how she can make it her own by moving the furniture and making different areas work for however she wants to play that day. 

Barbie also has a boat for the days she wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life – and again, it’s perfect for imaginative play. With a sun deck, slide and living areas it’s perfect for Barbie and her pals. Eliza can’t wait for the sun to come back out – she want’s to try Barbie’s boat in the water tray and see how much of a splash Barbie makes when she slides in!

I have such fond memories of Barbie being part of my childhood, and it’s so lovely to see that not only is she still going strong, but she’s changed and evolved to work as part of the new generation, encouraging children to be imaginative, ambitious and believe in themselves. As Barbie herself says ‘YOU CAN BE ANYTHING’!




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