Review | Dare2B Surmount jacket

We are very lucky to live where we do. Devon offers the best of both worlds for me – amazing coastlines and stunning moorland. However, it does get pretty cold and wet sometimes, and so a good, waterproof winter coat is a vital piece of kit. 

I was recently sent the Surmount lightweight wool jacket in the powder pink and black colourway. Originally designed for hikers, skiers and climbers, this jacket is made from ripstop polyester and lined with thermo-regulating wool. This has proven to be ideal for me, as it means even when the weather is changeable, it means I am not suddenly left roasting in a thick coat when the sun comes out! The jacket is designed to wick moisture away from the skin, and comes with antibacterial and odour control properties too. 

I initially gave this coat a trial when we went pumpkin picking. The weather was dry, but there was a definite autumn wind. I remained warm and toasty throughout the trip, and felt incredibly comfortable. The jacket is so low bulk, it makes it really easy to move around. There are 2 deep, zip pockets for storing all your essentials. 

I would definitely advise sizing up in this jacket. I usually wear a size 12, and went for a 14 in this jacket, which is just right for me. A size 12 would have been tight under the arms, and I would have felt a little restricted with what layers I could wear underneath. 

Dare2Be is not a company I would have thought to use previously for winter coats, but I am really impressed with the quality and features of this jacket. It’s really versatile, and would work through late summer showers into winter weather without any problems at all. 


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