3 essential features to look for in a family car

Finding the ideal car for your family is no easy feat. And it’s an important decision when you consider the time you’ll spend on the road with your children. As with most things in your life now needing to be child-proof, it seems only right that your car meets these expectations also.

Opting for a model with suitable features can be tough given that most cars these days are advertised as having state-of-the-art tech, top-notch safety ratings, and tremendous cabin space. Sifting through this jargon and uncovering the essentials is vital – but how do you do it?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current vehicle or are searching for your first family car, we’ve outlined three essential features to help guide your decision.

Interior space and boot capacity

If the size of your family is increasing or you simply require a larger vehicle, space is an important factor. First, consider how many seats will be required and if you need to factor in bulky car seats. Aside from that, think about things like storage options and cup holders to keep toys out of the way and beverages from spilling.

Next, you must consider the size of the boot. With prams, luggage, and shopping bags to think about, you’ll likely need around 300 litres minimum of boot space. By having enough space in the vehicle, you create a much more comfortable driving experience for your family.

Safety elements

While safety is paramount for all passengers, you shouldn’t compromise on features when it concerns your family. The majority of modern cars are fairly safe, including numerous airbags and ISOFIX points to secure car seats.

However, you may consider looking for additional safety and security features for peace of mind. Useful features include the likes of auto-emergency braking, which will stop the car should it detect something too close in front, and blind-spot monitoring, which will notify you if there is a car in your blind spot.

Additionally, lane keep assist is beneficial since it automatically controls the steering should it detect you departing from the lane. This feature is becoming more common in modern cars, as seen in the award-winning Hyundai Tucson.

The best way to assess whether a car has sufficient safety credentials is to check its Euro NCAP score. This standard for car safety grades every model between 0 and 5 depending on how well they perform in crash tests and if their safety features are effective – 5 Euro NCAP stars being the top choice.

Fuel efficiency and maintenance

Raising a family can be an expensive endeavour; therefore, you’ll want to avoid further outgoings. Vehicles that offer good fuel efficiency will help to reduce long-term operating costs while reducing environmental impact. It may be worthwhile considering hybrid, electric, or fuel-efficient petrol engines.

You should also check to see if other running costs, such as insurance and road tax, align with your budget.


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  1. April 1, 2024 / 6:09 am

    Thank you for highlighting these essential features! As a parent looking for a family car, I couldn’t agree more. Safety is always our top priority, followed closely by comfort and space. Your insights are incredibly helpful as we navigate the world of family-friendly vehicles. Keep up the fantastic work!
    John smith

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