Family pets

How many of you have family pets? How do they fit into your lifestyle, and do you ever find it hard?

We have 2 pets, an 11 month old Welsh Springer Spaniel called Woody

And an 8 year old cat called Tiggy
The cat fits into our lifestyle effortlessley, as she more or less looks after herself – just needs some food! Obviously Woody takes a bit more input as he needs regular, active walks as well as feeding etc. Kevin walks him before work every morning and he will then get another walk late afternoon or early evening. At the weekend we tend to do a lot outdoors as a family anyway, so more often that not he comes with us – to the beach or the woods, or simply out on the bikes.
I would love any advice from parents out there about how to prepare pets for a new baby coming into the house, as I want the transition to be as easy and stress free as possible!


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