Are we there yet??

As some of you may know, we are currently on holiday, and although we haven’t travelled far (at 33 weeks pregnant I certainly wasn’t straying too far from home!), it got me thinking about the practicalities of travelling with little ones.
When we are in the car, to prevent the repeat soundtrack of ‘are we there yet?’ and ‘mummy I am bored’ we have a few tried and tested tricks up our sleeves.
Now Gemma loves writing, drawing and reading, so she will quite often take a pen and paper and do a tally chart of how many red, black, blue and white cars she sees before making a bar chart of her findings (she is  a very strange child at times, not my idea of fun but there you are)

Jacob is not quite so easily entertained and requires a bit more input. He loves story tapes, but after a few miles, these make me want to shut my head in the electric window, so we have other things to keep him occupied too. I spy is always a winner, but if you are on the motorway it’s quite hard to find things! Food is also a great distraction for both children, but sadly doesn’t last long!
Sometime we resort to *whispers* letting them play on their DS games for a short while, because sometimes you just need a bit of peace and quiet to concentrate on where you are going!

Would love to know what your tips are for travelling with little ones – especially as the next time we go on holiday there will be an extra little monkey to consider!


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