Grolight review

Night feeds can sometimes be a real pain – you need the light on to see what you are doing and which direction to point your boobs, but you REALLY don’t want the light on because it will wake your still dozy baby right up! Am I right?
Well, luckily for you The Gro company have come up with this rather clever little Grolight to make your life that little bit easier. 

It fits easily to your normal overhead light. When you flick the light switch as normal, it will fill the room with a soft, blue nightlight glow. Dim and soft so as not to wake your baby, but bright enough for you to see what you are doing and prevent you from bumping into things (is it just me that does that?!).
Now for the clever part – turn the light off and on again and you have your normal, standard ‘bright light’ back. So if there is a need for more light (a poo explosion maybe) then you don’t need to worry.

This light has now completely replaced our standard lightbulb, because quite frankly, it is better. Much better. It is a nightlight and a standard light all rolled into one fabulous little package. The night light not only works well for night feeds but also for when Jacob has the occasional nightmare and wants a light left on. The Grolight is soft enough to leave on for his comfort, without waking Max who shares his bedroom. 
If you need more convincing (really?) then take a look at this video clip showing you the difference!

I was sent this product free of charge for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are my own


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