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Jacob is a typical boy who finds shoes a very boring concept – unless they have flashing lights or toys inside he isn’t really interested and would happily spend his days in a pair of battered old Crocs. So when he was offered a pair of Skribbies to review, I knew the unique and fun nature would appeal to him.
In short, Skribbies are hi-top sneakers which you can draw on, wipe off and draw on over and over again. They also come with stickers to further customise your footwear.

Jacob loved the idea of drawing on your shoes – although we had to reinforce that it was only these shoes he could draw on, not every pair he owns – and set about creating his ‘monster’ shoes. He wrote ‘Monster’ across the front, drew a few monster pictures and filled in the gaps with a selection of the padded effect stickers.
The drawings are super easy to rub off with the included sweat band/cleaning cloth and the pens would last for ages as you use so little when decorating the shoes, so plenty of scope for further creations. I am fairly sure the pen would wash off if the shoes were worn in wet weather, so they may be best kept for dry days. As for the stickers? I am afraid that this is where the Skribbies fall down for me. They just aren’t sticky enough – most of them had fallen off before Jacob had the shoes on for 5 minutes, and I found them all over the house and garden. It’s a great idea, but needs some tweaking. 
All in all? A lovely, fun idea for creative kids, but some extra sticky stickers are required!
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  1. April 16, 2014 / 1:24 pm

    My son was never fussed with shoes, he seemed to always be taking one off when outdoors. These would have kept his attention, great idea. he is now as a teen a shoe fiend and has so many pairs.

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