Pokemon X and Y range – review

Gemma and Jacob both love watching Pokemon on the TV, and often request their own Pokeballs (to which my standard reply is always ‘Put it on your birthday list’). So when they were sent a selection of the new Pokemon X and Y range, to say they were excited is an understatement.

Excuse the car in the picture – Jacob wanted him to have his photo taken with the Pokemon.

The children wasted no time in getting a game started, and the amazing Battle Arena came into play first. They each chose a Pokemon and popped them onto the podiums. Then build up power by tapping the buttons (think Hungry Hippos style) and then attack by pushing the platform forwards. The other player then has to time their defence by pushing their own platform forwards at the correct time. It sounds really complicated, but it’s not – this video might explain it better!

The Pokemon X and Y range has been played with on a daily basis since we got it. Sometimes using the battle arena, sometimes just using the figures and the Pokeballs in their own made up games – even the Lego figures have been involved in some scenarios. The children race through their breakfast and tooth brushing on a school morning so that they get 10 minutes to play with the Pokemon before school. I think that makes it a hit….

If you have a little one who loves Pokemon, you can choose from a huge range available from TOMY – choose from:
  •  2 pack large and small figures (one 5″ legendary Pokemon and one 2″ hero Pokemon)
  • 2 pack small figures
  • 4 figure gift sets
  • 1 mega-figure pack, containing a mega evolved character and mega stone)
  • 8″ vinyl figures
  • Clip and Carry Pokeballs – this is one of Jacob’s favourites, as he can clip it onto his belt or trouser pocket and keep his Pokemon with him at all times – just like a real Pokemon trainer.
  • Catch and Return Pokeball – roll the ball to hit the stand and bring your Pokemon back to you.

There are loads more items in the range – everything a little Pokemon fan needs to become a trainer!

We were sent a selection of Pokemon toys for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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