Project 365, days 68-74

 I can’t believe we are heading towards April. The weeks are flying by. We sold our house last week and so this week has been all about solicitors, estate agents and paperwork. Fingers crossed for a smooth sale, so we can start our new life in Lincolnshire.

Day 68 – Sunshine! We spent some time with Kevin’s mum and sister today – Gemma and Max enjoyed a swing in the garden with Aunty Sam.

Day 69 – Max tried melon for the first time today. He loved it – I think the combination of juicy and cold was lovely on his teething gums.
Day 70 – Parents evening. Both the children are doing really well, and I am very proud of them.

Day 71 – I go outside to put the rubbish out, and come back to this. The devastation a small child can cause in less than a minute! Time for cupboard locks I think…

Day 72 – A tiny cheat here as this is a screen shot rather than a photo, but it was too fabulous not to include. Family Fever has flown up the ranks, going up over 200 places this month, to sit happily inside the top 250. I am so proud.

Day 73 – Working together to complete a Disney Frozen puzzle.

Day 74 – A nice healthy start to the weekend.

What have you been up to this week?
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