Hospital negligence

I have had my fair share of hospital visits. I have given birth 3 times, I have had 3 special care babies, I have had several accidents and falls during my horse riding years, and now with 3 children we have had a few visits to the A&E department of our local hospital for bumps, trips and infections.
Our most recent visit to the hospital was after Jacob was hit by a car. A terrifying and horrific experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, involving ambulances, scans and a seemingly endless stream of doctors, nurses and other hospital staff. I can’t really fault the treatment we received in the hospital ward – Jacob and I were well cared for, supplied with everything we needed and constantly checked on. Yes, the waiting times are long, yes the hospital wards are hot, clammy and busy – but my own experiences have, overall, been positive with happy outcomes.
Having said all that, I know that not everyones experience of hospitals is so rosy. I know several people who have had awful experiences at the hands of local hospital care trusts, with complaints ranging from misdiagnosis to hospital borne infections due to unsanitary conditions. Some of the stories you hear are truly horrific – and in these cases there are ground for hospital negligence claims
If I was in this sort of position, I know that I would have no idea where to begin with making a negligence claim – and this is where specialist claim firms come in to play. Leo Claims are personal injury claims specialists who can help you process your claim, and receive any compensation that you deserve.  
I would guess that at a time like that, where you have suffered from hospital negligence, and don’t know where to turn, having someone competent to help talk you through every step would be a real benefit.

What are your experiences of hospitals? Has anyone ever made a hospital negligence claim? If so, how did you find the whole experience?
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  1. May 21, 2014 / 9:31 am

    I used to horse ride too and ended up in A&E a lot….lol
    I have had a couple of bad experiences with our local hospital….They missed both my girls heart problems at birth and it took my youngest having minor surgery at a different hospital on a broken finger to decide both my girls needed open heart surgery or they would die in their teenage years…Also when I had my youngest by c-section I wasn’t numbed properly….It was horrific and has put me off ever having anymore children and given me such a fear of hospitals….

  2. May 21, 2014 / 4:48 pm

    I’ve only been in hospital twice – Once when LP broke her leg at 15 months old and once after T was born at home and we had to transfer n. The care both times was fantastic, nothing negligent, but I know it does happen sadly x

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