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It’s a sad fact that most people across the UK feel powerless about our public services. At a time when education, healthcare and other public services are changing so much, people should feel empowered with the knowledge that they have a say – and that this can make a difference. And not just for the public, but for the people who work in public services too (who are often just as frustrated!).

Consumer watchdog Which? has teamed up with electronic maestro DJ Jakwob and spoken word master George the Poet to create a soundtrack to support this cause. To represent the sense of voicelessness experienced by millions across the UK, the track will be muted until  50,000 signatures are reached on the Unmute petition. Once this has happened, the full video will be unlocked and the track will be unmuted.

Muting is a state of solidarity, representing the fact that at one stage or another, we have all had our voices ignored. So may people feel their complaints and criticisms about our education, healthcare and social care systems are not listened to, or not acted on – which of course means that the same things just keep happening, and certain things never get resolved. For example, 40% of people who experienced a problem within the NHS did not make a complaint and of those who did complain, more than half felt that they were ignored and 43% were dissatisfied with the outcome. So sign the petition today, get your voice heard, and unlock the Which? muted track – and unlock the nations voice too!

Which? UnMuteUK campaign

Have you ever felt like your voice has been ignored, or have you ever felt your feedback and complaints went unheard? Would you like to see more action within our public services? You really can make a difference – make sure you sign the petition today and make your opinion count.

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